Five Things More Important Than Penis Size

A lot of relationships are suffering today because of the sensitive topic of penis size. All over sudden, nearly every man is beginning to believe that they aren’t adequately packaged between their legs. Although no one seems to care, this is becoming a huge problem. Bedroom performance has been adversely impacted due to the mistaken notion that bigger penis equates to more sexual satisfaction. I will tell you this for free – you don’t necessarily require a bigger schlong for you to perform excellently in the bedroom. Here are five things that are more important than the size of your penis.


Confidence can take you places – places you never thought you could go. Unfortunately, a lot of men don’t seem to understand and really value the importance of confidence. A woman loves a man who believes in himself. A confident man is a real man and women are very appreciative of this trait in a man. Start by believing in yourself in every aspect of your life. It will surprise you how amazing you will be in the bedroom. On the other hand, if you don’t exude some self-confidence during the act, it will become impossible for you to perform as efficiently as you would want.


Communication is a paramount tool in any relationship. Learn to communicate with your partner so you can understand what she wants and in the process, you can also let her know what you value. The best relationships thrive on effective communication. You might be worrying about your penis size, yet your sex life can easily be bettered through excellent communication. Always try to engage your partner in establishing what her sexual needs and preferences are.

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Ready to explore – sex positions and styles

Ask people who enjoy good sex; they will tell you about the art of exploration. A good sex life is characterised by some things, one of them being the ability and readiness to explore new sex styles and positions. However, this is something that must be discussed with your partner. Show her how important this is and why it should be integrated into your sexual encounters.


I cannot overemphasise the importance of foreplay in matters bedroom. One of the keys to satisfaction is allowing enough time for things to heat up during sex. Forget about what people say about finishing strong. You need to have a frank conversation with a woman to realise how important foreplay is during sex. As far as sexual prelude is concerned, don’t assume that your woman loves the same thing you do. For her, foreplay is a crucial part of lovemaking.

Give it your best

The size of the penis doesn’t matter as long as you can use what you have to please your woman. Know where to touch and how to move your manhood during sex. She will be so appreciative, and you will never have to worry about your penis size another day in your life.

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