Does Size Always Equal Satisfaction?

The relationship between penis size and sexual satisfaction for both partners is highly debatable. While there are many reasons for men pursuing penis enlargement, the majority of them do so with the objective of improving their bedroom performance. Men with smaller penis tend to believe that they are poor lovers compared to their counterparts who have bigger packages. The big question is; does size always equal satisfaction? Is it true that a man with a bigger manhood is more talented in the bedroom than a man with a smaller penis?

As mentioned above, this issue is highly debatable. For instance, there is the issue of women’s perception with respect to the size of man’s penis. Apparently, the majority of women don’t seem to give a hoot about the size of a man’s dick. When choosing a partner, most of them will look at issues that go beyond the penis size. In as much as a woman will notice the size of a man’s cock, it appears more apparent when the penis size isn’t in proportion to the body size. As such, a woman will quickly notice a small penis size, in the same way, she will recognise an abnormally big one – when the body size is put into the account.

That said, do men have a reason to worry about their penis size as far as sexual satisfaction is concerned? Considering the perspective of women regarding the size of the penis, there shouldn’t be a cause for alarm for any man. Perhaps the only exception to this bracket is the men with very small dicks – the thumb-sized ones. There are men, though, who have gone on to start and raise families.

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For a man who doesn’t want to consider penis enlargement, yet have a small penis, you may opt for other ways of compensating for the difference in penis size. For instance, there are sex positions and styles that can make you a better lover in the eyes of your lover. However, this is something that you need to discuss with your partner. If she is adventurous, she will be more than willing to try out new positions for the benefit of both of you. Another thing that men with small wieners can do is integrate sex toys and extended foreplay in their sexual encounters. A good number of partners have explored these techniques and claim to have amazing sex.

On the other hand, if you are sufficiently daring, and still desire to go ahead with male enhancement, it’s yet another option. Technological advancements have led to the development and improvement of numerous PE methods. Today, men have a lot of PE techniques to choose from. These methods range from penis enlargement devices, surgery, patches, lotions, creams, pills, and exercises. The most important thing is to determine what would work best for you. Of course, the ultimate decision is based on a couple of considerations such as the efficacy of the product, price, convenience it offers and so on and so forth.

Does size always equal satisfaction? In my opinion, it’s not guaranteed. Even men with small penises can become great lovers. A man with a bigger penis can also become a great lover. What matters is the ability of the partner to use what they have to get what they want. But this shouldn’t mean that PE should be thrown in the dustbin altogether. Rather, it should be taken as an opportunity for men to improve themselves - something that goes beyond sexual satisfaction.

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