Women Prefer Large Sized Manhood, Like Men Love To Pamper Big Sized Breasts

Every individual differ from each other and love to try many a things in their life. The surprising thing here is that both men and women both think alike, when it comes to sex. Yes, it's true, most women desire men with large penis, exactly as most men prefer women with big breast.

The reason behind women preferring large penis

Women dream of being with men who have large penis. Do not think that if your penis is not large your girl would leave you. No, she would never do that. If a woman truly loves you she will be with you, as long as you treat her with love and respect.

Women attraction towards men with larger penis is mainly due to psychological nature. They anticipate having sex with such men for the sake of the sexual excitement. A larger penis is attracts them, as compared to others. she would want to play with it and hold it for long time. She is assured of having a good time with you on bed, if you have a big dick.

The reason behind men preferring women with large breast

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Men desire for women with large breast. This is probably one of the things that are looked by them, when they meet their counterpart. However, have you ever thought why men do so? The reason is quite simple. Bigger size shows feminine attributes of a woman, which excites and arouses the men.

Men believe that women with larger breast will be more exciting and fun to be with, when they are in bed with them. They look forward for an exciting sex, which would give them the pleasure of having large breast to caress and play with.

The satisfaction is mainly psychological, as it gives men mental satisfaction that they had sex with a woman with large breast. The size is quite attractive to look at and play with, so there is more option of playing with large breasts.

Other things to look forward to in bed

Women were and are sure of what they want and desire. Their main aim in bed is not only to satisfy and love their partner, but also themselves. Women love and respect their body and they want their men to do the same, you would be surprised at how some women would get aroused, when treated with love and respect.

It would also come as a surprise to most men, but women too enjoy kinky stuff on bed. All you need is to the right thing, when you are in bed with her. She will certainly enjoy you being naughty with her.

There are other things as well those they look upon when they are in bed with their partners. Men can make the best use of their tongue and lips to arouse and please their partners. You can also use your hands to caress your partner as this adds to the excitement of having sex. This would make your partner anticipate with excitement, making sex enjoyable for both of you.

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Bring your wildest fantasies alive

When it's a new relationship, sex lives of the couple are fresh. They show all the enthusiasm in trying new things, and enacting their fantasies in the bedroom. Needless to say, their joy and contentment level, remain on the peak.

However, as time passes, they start refraining from these stuffs. They won't usually try enacting roles, or getting dressed up especially for their bedroom session. Even making love, turns to be a weekly event, then monthly and gradually they don't even remember when was the last time they enjoyed being intimate. Thus, to get back the freshness, and rejuvenate your sex life all over again, you need to bring your wildest fantasies alive.

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