What Kind Of Penis Do Women Desire?

It is important to satisfy your partner in bed. However, there are men, who are quite conscious, when they are with the woman of their dreams. It is important that you let go of your consciousness and relax when you are with your girl. Being yourself is important, as it will make her feel comfortable in bed with you.

Talk to your partner

It is important that you talk with your partner to know what she likes in bed and what makes her uncomfortable. It is important that you respect what she desires. If she is uncomfortable with something in bed, make sure that you do not force her to do it, as this will strain your relationship, making you drift apart.

If it is the size of your penis, which makes you conscious and uncomfortable in bed, then talk about it. Tell her about your doubts. Your partner will surely help you in making things perfect for you. She is the only one, who can help you to overcome this problem. You are in this together, and both of you will have to work out the best way to sexually pleasure each other.

The size of the penis, not important for women

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Let's get it clear, women do not love you because of the size of your penis. Most women do not even care about the size, as long as they are in love with their partner. However, this does not mean that you act carelessly when you are making love to her. It is important that you should show how much you love and adore her, when you are in bed together. This will not only bring you closer to each other, but also excite your girl, making sex enjoyable for both of you.

It cannot be denied that there are women, who prefer their man to have penis of certain shape and size. However, most women do not care as long as you can satisfy her in bed. What most women actually care about is the hardness of the penis, and the way you respond when you are in bed with her. They also prefer men to have a clean penis, as women are turned off if you are not clean.

Experiment in bed

It is important that both the partners experiment with different poses and methods so as to satisfy each other. If you do not experiment, you will never know what you and your partner enjoy the most when in bed together.

The belief that large penis is important for excellent sex is not true. It is important to know that the potential of a man does not lie in the shape and size of his penis. You should remember that penis is not the only part of your body with which you can satisfy your partner. Try using your hands, lips and tongue to stimulate and satisfy your partner. It is essential to learn about using the entire body to arouse your partner.

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If you know you can have sex whenever you want, it'll lose its charm

You might be already aware of this fact that when sex comes easy, you lose its charm? Wasn't it more interesting and fun to make love to her, when you guys used to do it secretly, so that no one comes to know about it. However now, when you both are in a relationship and you have all the permissions to do whatever you wish to, whenever you like, you don't find it charming anymore.

Indeed, it's a common thing that most couples experience. So, why not, make it an occasional event? You may avoid having sex, and save it, so that you can make the most of it like after an all day outing.

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