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Sex is important for humans as well as animals. The will to live and reproduce is quite strong among all living species. It is important for every race to reproduce, so that their race carries on.

Animal VS man: Who have the largest penis?

Gorillas, Chimpanzees and Orangutans, have always been associated with human race. Hence, it is completely normal to compare their penis with that of man. Researchers have proved that men have the longest and the thickest penis, Gorillas and Orangutans have the smallest about one and a half inches and Chimpanzees have medium size penis.

Chimpanzees have the largest testicle, Gorillas and Orangutans have the smallest and men have medium sized testicles.

Now, let us talk about their sexual behavior. Gorillas and Orangutans are extremely faithful, Chimpanzees are promiscuous and humans are faithful as well as promiscuous.

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Comparative study of male and female sexual instincts in animals

According to research, it has been noticed that female Gorillas are the most loyal partners. Once they have sex with a particular partner, they will not have sex with anyone else other than him. The male gorilla will not have any other competition. This means, he will be the only one to father her child.

When you compare female Gorillas to female Chimpanzees, you will notice a vast distance in their sexual behavior. Female Chimpanzees are much more notorious when it comes to choosing a sexual partner. They will have sex with at least two or three males before she is impregnated. This would make it difficult for male Chimpanzee to know if he is the father of a child. However, nature has its own way, hence the large penis among male Chimpanzee, ensures that they produce offspring. The large testicles and penis allows the male Chimpanzees to produce a large amount of sperms and deliver the sperms close to the uterus.

Various studies have been conducted in this regard, which shows that the only advantage of having large penis is when you have a partner, who is extremely promiscuous, as this allows the male to impregnate the female. This case is mostly seen among Chimpanzees and Humans, hence the large penis in these species.

Chimpanzees are more promiscuous than humans are. However, their penis (male chimpanzee) is half the size of human (man). Thus, it proves that humans (female) prefers large and thicker penis when it comes to having sex. The idea of sex and pleasure is far more evolved among human race than other animals. Hence, a man with large and thick penis will give more pleasure during sex, which increases the sexual desire of his partner and makes her long for more sex. Hence, this gives him more chances of impregnating the woman and reproducing healthy offspring with her.

Men have larger testicles than Gorillas, as ejaculation occurs frequently. In addition, they produce sperms in large volume to impregnate women. This is the reason why women instinctively get attracted to men, who have large penis.

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