Why Women Lie About the Importance of Penis Size

Men are sensitive when it comes to their penis and its size. It is important for them to know if their penis is large enough to satisfy a woman. When they ask their wife or girlfriend, the answer is always, “yes, you satisfy me completely.” However, this might not be true. It is possible that your girlfriend or wife might not be completely satisfied with the size and thickness of your penis, but they are not telling you the truth.

The reason for women not disclosing the truth is that they do not like to hurt your pride and ego, by calling your penis small. They know how important your penis is to you.

Another reason, which makes women lie to you, is that, for years, it has been taught to women to be discreet about their sexual desire. She is not allowed to speak about her sexual wants in public. A woman, who tells her sexual desire and liking for long and thick penis is considered as a woman with loose character. No man would want to commit for a long-term relationship with such woman.

The truth is no matter what a man says, he actually does not want to know how his wife and girlfriend feel about his penis.

Websites allowing women to give in their views

It is only recently that women are allowed to comment and write their view about penis and its size thanks to the social network and the websites. On the websites, women are able to state what they like and what they do not. However, even though they are anonymous, they cannot talk about sex openly and still feel the need to please men and his ego by stating that the length of the penis does not matter.

What most women do not know is that even without knowing they are stating their preference towards large penis.

A current survey on the internet have shown that most women have commented that they prefer long and thick penis the best, as it gives them more pleasure during penetration.

In that particular survey, there was a woman, who went on to say that, it is in the mind of the person what turns her on and what turns her off, and some of the worst people in the world might be well endowed, and she would not prefer to have sex with them. If you see this statement carefully, you will notice that this woman is contradicting her own proclamation.

From, her statement, it is clearly seen that she would prefer to have sex with a man, with large penis, but for her, the only way not to have sex with him is, if he is among the worst people in the world.

A similar statement has been passed by another girl, who stated that she would willingly have sex with Tom Cruise even if he has a two inches penis. This is only an attempt to confuse men, by mixing two different issues. Men do not ask women, the difference between good looks and better personality, all they need to know is what a woman prefers large penis or small penis.

Women states size not important

There are women, who go on to state that the size is not important for them, as there are other ways to please them. If a penis is too large then it can hurt a woman during penetration, and if it is too small, then you will have to experiment with different position and technique to satisfy your woman in bed.

A man, who is well endowed, with a large penis, but do not have the will and desire to please a woman, is not a perfect lover. A perfect lover is one, who is willing to please and add on to the sensuality of lovemaking. The penis size of such men does not matter.

Here, in the above, statement, we again see woman, contradicting their own statement, where they want a guy with large penis, but he has to be caring and loving, and also know how to please her in bed.

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Some women go on to say that, size does not matter if the man knows the right technique that would please her in bed. At the end of the day, big penis will definitely please the woman and if you do not know how to use it, then what is the use of having it. This statement suggests that large penis has its own advantages, while having sex, against the small penis.

Women preferring large penis to small one

There are women, who state that they enjoy oral sex, more than penetration. They say that climax and satisfaction begins in the head, and hence, it is not length, but the thickness that matters. They state that, it is the technique, which matters the most during sex, but they want big-talent to satisfy them. They also state that at the end of the day, it is not the thickness or the length of the penis, which matters, but it is the love, which you feel for your man.

You will notice in the above statement, initially these women claim that, it the technique, which matters to them the most, however, you cannot deny that big size penis is equally important to her. After this statement, she tries to make the small size men feel better, by stating that it is really important to love the man, in order to enjoy sex with him. Here, she cleverly changed the subject from sexual to emotional satisfaction.

Some women will cleverly state that large penis is not important at all, as a man might be too large to fit her and cause discomfort, or he might be too small to satisfy her, and hence he must use other ways in which he can keep her happy and satisfied sexually. However, these women do not know that when she is saying that large penis does not matter, she is unknowingly saying that it does matter.

There are women, who states that it is oral sex, which satisfies them the most. They do not care for penis size and even medium size penis works best for them. These women, top the list of denial and confusion. At first, they pretend that it is the technique, which matters the most, then they go on to say that it is oral sex, which they enjoy the most. However, it is to be noticed that these women prefer oral sex, but with a person of medium or average size penis. Hence, it proves that size does matter to women during sex.

If a woman, who prefers oral sex to vaginal sex, wants a medium size penis to satisfy her sexual desires, you can imagine the want of a woman, who prefers vaginal sex. Yes, correctly guessed, they want a person with large and thick penis.

Some women really do not care about the size

There are some women, who really do not care about the size of the penis. These women are not completely into sex. They insist on calling it lovemaking instead of sex. To these women, making love is a very complex and complicated thing and sex is just a small part of it. For these women, penetration is not really important every time they have sex.

These women are looking for romance, love, tenderness and spirituality when they are “making-love” with their partners. However, these women are very few in numbers, and they should not comment for the majority of women, who enjoy sex along with the love and romance.

These women believe that more than the size, it is the connection and love, which matters between the two partners. A woman goes on to say that, she had sex with and without love, but the level of satisfaction in having sex when you are with the person you love is immense. When you love your partner, the size of penis does not matter.

Most of the women will agree that penetration have very little to do with sex. It is mostly about the intimate touch, emotional link and foreplay along with attraction for the partner, which makes sex, exciting, fun and enjoyable.

It is really important that you make sure that your partner enjoys sex as much as you do. This can only be ensured, if you indulge in small activity, such as moonlight walk, scented candles inside the room, a bath together. These activities will not only make you come close to one another, but it will also make sex worth it.

It is important to remember that each individual is different and so are the preferences. If one woman enjoys sex with a man, who has large penis, it does not mean that men with small or medium sized penis are not preferred.

Both medium and small penises are preferred too, but maximum survey has proven that it is large and thick penis, which is mostly enjoyed by women during sex.

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“The past is a foreign country; they do things 
differently there.” ~Leslie Poles Hartley

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