Self-Acceptance For Small Penis

A man with small penis always suffers from low self-esteem. All his life, a man with small penis is reminded that his penis is small and does not measure up. One of the most difficult things that a man with small penis will ever do is come to terms with this particular fact.

Does small penis really make you inadequate?

Having a small penis does not mean that you are inadequate in your sexual performance or towards the other aspects of your life. It might be possible that you have always been reminded about your small penis by your past and present partners, or even your wife. Looking at the penis of other male in locker room, public toilet, pornography and public shows, might have made you feel inadequate and reminded you of your small penis.

Another frustrating point is not being able to find condom of the right size, as to fit your penis. In addition, there is all the focus on penis size. However, give yourself some time and think once, if you have ever faced any sexual challenges, which you were not able to fulfill. If you have, only then can you blame yourself and that small penis for making sex inadequate.

Reasons for the development of inadequacy and inferiority among men with small penis

Having a small penis is just not easy. However, most men with medium size penis also experience this inadequacy when they are comparing themselves with men, who has large penis. However, they do not experience it on the level that a man with small penis does. There are men, who might have even taunted and bullied a man just because he has small penis.

It is really shameful, how men think this is funny, when all they are doing is breaking the confidence of a man because he has small penis. It's an act of shame and immaturity, time to grow up!

Men with small penis have difficulty in finding a partner, who will love him the way he is. Most women claim that size of a penis does not matter to them, however, this seems untrue, seeing the number of men, who are dumped just because they have small penis.

It is no wonder that men with small penis develop inferiority complex about themselves and their ability. Men with small penis are not able to talk things out with their friends or their partners. They usually pent up their feelings within themselves trying to fight with the emotions within themselves and at the same time fighting with the world.

It is now time to understand the feelings of these men. Having a small penis does not mean that they are inadequate or inferior in their ability. All they need is love and support and they can be the most wonderful lovers you will ever find.

The different category of men with small penis

Men with small penis fall in three different categories. To know more about the different categories, read on.

Men who are comfortable with themselves: There are men with small penis, who will not let anything affect them and rule their life. They are proud about who they are and no one's opinion matters to them.

These men know the size of their penis, but they will not allow anything to affect themselves. The only time that they might be sensitive about the size of their penis is when they have to change in a public place. They might prefer using cubicles when using a public restroom. Other than these, they will not think twice about what the world feels about their penis size, these men believe in themselves and their ability, rather than believing the deteriorating remarks of people.

Men who are always frustrated with themselves: There are men, for whom size matters, and due to this, they are always anxious, frustrated and angry. They are always bitter on the world, and with themselves. They can never come in terms with the reality that they naturally have small penis, and they will not be able to do anything about it. There are men with small penis, who are virgins even after they have reached their fifties. The main reason for this is that, they are too worried about their size and forget that they too can live life normally like other individuals.

Men who slowly and steadily accept themselves: There are men, who are able to accept the way they are, and are able to carry on with their life. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. The only way in which men with small penis are able to overcome and accept themselves, is when they face some kind of humiliation about the size of their penis.

This is the worst nightmare of any man, who has small size penis. However, once he faces this humiliation, he is able to overcome all fears, which were holding him back for so long. Hence, they come to the realization that it was their fear, which was holding him back for so long and not the size of the penis.

Once the realization comes, men with small penis are able to fall in love with their penis, and even adore them. This is the time they see the small penis as an asset rather than a handicap.

What men feel after they overcome their fear

We have come across men, who feel that the size of the penis makes them inadequate, and they are ashamed of themselves. Recently, we came across a guy, who stated that he was embarrassed about the size of his penis. Whenever, he had to change his clothes or take a show in public, he made sure that his lower part was always covered.

However, one day while having a shower at a gym, this guy saw another guy with longer and thicker penis. This was the first time, he was able to accept that he had small penis and there was nothing wrong with it. Just like the physical features of each individual is different, so is the shape and size of the penis.

That was the first time he did not look away seeing a long penis. He accepted the fact that his organ was small, but that is no big deal. He went on to tell us that the day he was able to accept himself, he fell in love with his penis. He did not live in the dark, mulling over the fact that he has small penis. This was a life-changing event for him and he never looked back. He is now happy the way he is. So, accepting oneself is really important.

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It is the size of the penis, which makes a woman break up with you.

Almost all guys with a small penis feel that it is the size of the penis, which drove a woman away from him. This may be possible in some cases. However, do you really think it is possible that all women think in the same manner? Well, this is not possible. When we talked to women asking them if they broke up with their ex because of the penis size or were there some other reason. Read on to know what the women answered.

Most women we talked said that it was not the size of the penis, which made them break off with their ex, but it was lack of confidence during sex, which drove them away. They feel really frustrated when a man is not able to satisfy them. All men with small penis should remember that they have to be confident while performing. Shaky confidence will not take them anywhere.

There are women, who claim that they get aroused by men, who know what they are doing in bed. You have to remember that you will have to seem confident and not arrogant while in bed with a woman. Hence, the first thing that you need to remember in order to have amazing sex and relationship is that it's not the size of the penis that matters.

Women desire a man, whom they will feel connected with, who are fun to be with, confident, energetic, a good provider, a wonderful husband and father. Do you think she can ignore such a person just because he has small penis. Definitely not! She will not let go of the person, who has all these qualities and more.

It is men, who are not able to identify with what women really want and because they are insecure about their own penis size, they end up losing what could have been a wonderful relationship. Guess some of you do not believe what you are reading, right!

If you have a woman, who has all the attributes that you are looking for, a good wife and mother, fun, confident, energetic, however she has small breasts, will you leave her for having small breast? Of course not! So what makes you think that a woman will leave you just because you have small penis.

Now, is the time to embrace and accept the fact that your partner loves you, irrespective of the fact that you have small penis. She loves you for the person you are and not for the size of your penis.

The right way to approach a woman during sex

It is really important that you understand what your lady wants when you are in bed with her. Gone are the times when women were too shy to state what they like and enjoy in bed. Hence, it is important to communicate with your partner, telling her what you enjoy and ask her preferences while in bed together.

It is important to set the limit in bed and don't do what your girl is not comfortable with, this goes without saying that this applies to men with large as well as small penis. If you are someone with a large penis, does this mean that you will shove it down your partner or insert it roughly, assuming that she will like it. No! This is reckless and insensitive behavior. You will need to think, if your act is going to hurt your partner or not. Do not do anything that will hurt or offend her. You will have to take great care, as how to approach sex with your partner, irrespective of the fact that you have large or small penis.

Men with small penis should experiment with different poses and positions, which will make sex more enjoyable for their partners. However, it is important that you stay open to feedback, both positive and negative. In case of negative feedback, do not sulk and get offended, this is the right time for you to improve your sex life with your partner. One of the best act before sex is to give massage with aroma oil to one another. This act turns on both the partners, enabling them to enjoy sex.

You can also try reading different erotic books together, learning and trying new and exciting sexual position. With a willing partner, who will do as depicted by the book, you can find the position, which can be enjoyed by both of you.

Using sex toys to enhance your sexual life

Using sex toys is an amazing idea, as this will help in enhancing the sex life, making it enjoyable for both the partners. However, it is important that you do not get intimated or conscious of the size of the dildo, which is larger than yours. What should really be important is that your partner is enjoying this particular sexual act, and you should enjoy with her. This way both of you can enjoy sex without feeling uncomfortable.

There are men, who say that seeing their partner enjoying with the dildo arouses them too. When a man ensures that his woman enjoys during sex, she returns the favor by making sure that she does something that makes sex enjoyable for her man too. At times, your girl might perform kinky sex too, just to make sure that you are as satisfied as she is.

Foreplay is an important part of sex. It is really important that you take time to play with each other's body, touching, caressing and licking each other. You should try oral sex, and slowly and steadily become an expert. Women love getting their breast sucked and their vagina sucked and licked, as it turns them on. If you can make her experience orgasm while giving her an oral, she will love you for that.

Ask your girl to suck your penis. You will be surprised how many women enjoy sucking penis, which is small. Small penis is comfortable for them to suck and they are not gagged by it, or get hurt by it, hence, making oral sex enjoyable for you as well as your girl.

While enjoying oral sex, you can make things exciting for one another. You can use liquid chocolate or ice - cream on each other's body and slowly lick it off. You will be amazed how it would arouse both of you, making sex exciting and wonderful. Oral sex is a wonderful option for men with small penis, as they will be able to gain orgasm and satisfaction during oral sex.

While, we are talking about oral sex, let us discuss penetration too. It is important that when you are penetrating inside, your position should be such that, she is able to enjoy full penetration. However, you have to accept that penetration is not the only way to achieve orgasm for men as well as women. One of the best pose that would give your woman immense satisfaction is sitting on all fours. This way, your small penis will be penetrated completely inside, and it also allows you to have full view of her body. You can touch her and press her breast, while having sex with her.

Make sure to satisfy your partner

Most men are so obsessed in getting the orgasm themselves, that they forget that they need to take care of their partner and satisfy them too. Hence, you hear loads of women state that they have to fake orgasm when they are having sex with their partner. Most men are good at having sex, and making their women experience orgasm, but most men get too engrossed with themselves, and hence forget their partner. It is important to pay equal attention to your partner and find ways to satisfy her, like kissing, biting or caressing, whatever is preferred by your girl.

This is the right time to master your moves, and find ways to satisfy your girl by paying attention to her. This is the right time to prove that you are a better lover, than all the other men she had in her life, proving that the size of the penis have nothing to do with sexual satisfaction and even men with small penis can completely satisfy their girl.

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