A Bigger Base Or A Bigger Head?

Does penis size matter or not? People have debated since ages on this topic. Men come up with different reasons and arguments for and against the importance of the tool's size.

Finally, they come to know about the ways in which it matters and also the reasons why it doesn't. Yet, no matter whatever they conclude, they want to grow bigger and enhance their tool's size like they have always wanted to.

You are ready to put in your money, effort, and time to gain few inches down there. However, have you ever given it a thought as what do women want? Do they actually want a bigger or an average-sized penis? Besides, if they say they like a bigger penis, what do they actually mean, one with a bigger base, or is it the one with a bigger head? Hence, you need to know about few important things in this context.

There Are Women Who Would Rather Prefer Average Sized Penis

Shocked? No, you need not be. It is a fact that there are women for whom their partners' huge penis is just a painful thing to handle. No wonder, such men often think that they have been burdened with a big and useless tool. However, in most of those cases, it is just that men do not know how to handle their partners with care while having sex.

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They get wild, go “wham-bam-slam”, and make it a painful experience for their partner every-time. Hence, it is really important for such men to learn the proper way of pleasing their women.

Now, Do You Wish To Grow Bigger?

Yes, you do. Isn't it? As, you men can never leave this obsession of size. Anyways, it's not at all wrong to desire and put in some effort for a bigger penis. After all, a bigger penis is not only a man's confidence booster, but its appearance is also more exciting. However, when you say a bigger penis, what do you actually mean by it. Is it a bigger base or a bigger penile head that is more important?

A Bigger Head Or A Bigger Base

Well, as per most of the women, a penis with a bigger head seems really good to look at and is visually exciting. Even if the penis length is quite short, yet it has a bigger head, the head itself will most likely strike the clitoris, and that would be really ecstatic. However, a penis with a bigger base has also its own importance, as it would be really pleasing for any women to get it inside.

Above all, once the tool is deep inside then it is not the head rather it is the base, which brushes the clitoris and let her experience the ecstasy. Yet, no matter whether you have a big or small penis and whether it has a bigger base or a bigger head, if your techniques are right then you are always open to try new things in the bedroom and your sex life will always be exciting.

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