Does Penis Size Matter?

You Need Not Bother Even If You Think You Are Unfairly Endowed

First of all, if you think that you are going to be consoled for being unfairly endowed, it's the wrong place. Here, you will only find the facts and real reasons as why you need not bother about your penis size, even if you think it's smaller.

It's Not Only Your Size But Your Skills Too That Matter

To understand it, you need to consider a practical scenario of basketball game. A player with a good height of course has an advantage in the game. However, does that make him the best player in the field? No, isn't it? Though, he has the advantage of being tallest in the field, but it's more importantly his skills that matter. Will you not agree to that?

Hence, the same is the case also in the bedroom. No matter how big or small your tool is, if you don't have the right bedroom skills, those are of hardly any importance. Hence, in simple words, you can understand that it's your bedroom skills and techniques that importantly matter, and not your size alone. Besides, often s-experts say that sex is a mental and not mere a physical game. It's your mind that is often considered as the most important sex organ.

The Scientific Reason Behind

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Did you know what the scientists and researchers have to say in this context? Well, they say that any penis that is over 3 inches in length, when it is erected, is ok to satisfy any average woman. Is it just a consoling statement for all you unfairly endowed men, or are there actually genuine reasons behind it?

Good news is, it's a fact and in other words you can say that it is related to the natural build-up of vagina. Vagina is really adaptive, and any penis size beyond 3 inches of erected length can fill it up. However, if your woman had been for long with a partner who has a huge tool, then it's ok to bother about your size and to utilize any of the effective enhancement techniques.

Yet, you need to understand that it's not the length rather it's the girth of the penis that matters more. Hence, if you are satisfied with your penile girth, you need not bother much about its length.

What Is The Women's Take On The Notion Of Size

Often, there are studies and researches carried out by independent agencies, where they actually question women to know their opinion in such contexts. Hence, in one of those studies, almost 1000 women were questioned as whether or not they are happy with their partner's tool size.

Believe it or not, but most of the women expressed clearly that they are satisfied with their partners' size. While, on the other hand, only half of those men were actually satisfied with their own size. Now, don't you think that men are actually more insecure? Besides, how amazing is that to even think of. An important motivation behind men's effort, to enhance their size, is to please and satisfy their partner, their partners who already have no complaints in this context.

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