Penis Size Discussions Can Break Up Relationships

Did You Know Penis Size Discussions Can Breakup Relationships

This may sound a little unbelievable, but yes, couples do discuss the size of penis and it does break relationships. A man suffering from Small Penis Syndrome will continuously bring up this issue with his partner. His woman will always try to comfort him by telling he has an appropriate penis size. However, he is well-aware of the truth that he has a small penis. The discussion gets serious because he knows she is lying to him. Does this situation look familiar to you? Yes, it is. Most couples face this sort of situation in their lives and the discussion can potentially take them far.

The issue with man is not that the woman is lying, but what irritates him is her size preference is something so important that she has to hide it from him. This continuous emotional instability and break down of his self-confidence leads to ending a relationship.

Below are some examples that throw light on the issue:

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A man reported that it is difficult to understand what his girl friend actually wants. What she says is confusing. For the first time, she comments that it is not at all about the size, but about what happens before the penetration. This explains that foreplay is more important. However, when she is asked again, she replied it's the girth size that matters. Again, on the following day while having sex, she is insisting to penetrate deeper. Well, now the question is what her exact preference is. Is it the foreplay, the girth size or the penis length?

Another man reported that he feels that her girlfriend is lying to him. Although they haven't directly discussed about his penis size yet, but she somehow manages to make him feel that his penis size is just fine. However, it is hard to believe since at times, she even asks whether he is in or not.

One more case sighting the same issue, a man reports that he was dating a wonderful girl a couple of months back. Everything was smooth and fine. One day, she writes to him that she cannot wait to have sex with him again and that she misses his “big penis”. Now, that was a problem maker. Well, she has already admitted in front of him that she had seen bigger penises than his. Also, he is well-aware of the fact that he has what is called an average penis size. So, every time she compliments him of having a big penis, he felt the complete opposite of it. They broke up because he did not want to take more lies.

So, this clearly states that what women think, say and want are three different things, especially when we are talking about the penis size preferences. The above mentioned examples conclude that the discussion over the penis size is definitely a trouble maker and in most cases it is a no-win situation. Since, the man already knows where he stands on the penis size scale whatever his girl friend says does not really matter, as he knows the reality well.

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