If There Is Such A Thing As Too Small, Then Penis Size Matters

If She Says It Is Too Small, Then Penis Size Definitely Matters Her

There is no doubt that women love foreplay. If you ask any woman what is the best part about sex, her answer will be the one leading to it. Well, that is fine. Now, when you ask any woman about her preference concerning the penis size, most will reply in a confused manner. Also, they will insist that size does not really matter. Now, this is a real big lie. Penis size actually matters a lot and in fact, women are totally fascinated about the penis size.

To confirm this, try asking a woman would she like to date a man with a penis as small as the size of a thumb. The answer will be NO of course along with the addition that it's too small. This clearly proves that size matters to her whether she openly admits it or not.

Penetration sensation is important for her:

For your woman, the sensation that she experiences during penetration is something of importance. This on the other hand means that penis size is important. Also, for the visual turn-on, she needs a bigger penis. Something too small cannot attract or arouse her. So, bigger is indeed better. Although, there is also something like too big.

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If you take that thumb size penis and expand it inch by inch in both length and girth, you will see how it pleases her more. Well, of course her pleasure too has a maximum level. Once, the penis size is exactly as per her personal preference, it would not make any difference if it gets further bigger.

On the other hand, if it is too big, it is more of a pain than pleasure for her. Thus, there is no actual size decided, but what dimensions she personally prefer and what pleases her most is the size what she thinks is perfect.

All this explains that women do care about penis size. For sure, there are other things too, but penis size always has its own importance. No one can judge why a larger penis pleases a woman more over a smaller one. Yet, it is clear that it does. For sure, every woman has her own preferred penis size in mind, but the bottom line is no healthy and normal girl prefers a small penis.

If you have heard women talking about their views concerning sexual pleasure, for sure many will say there are other things that matter, for instance, feelings for the man, kissing each other, stimulation of other body parts, etc. However, in the end when you ask them to give their views about penetration pleasure, their answer will be a too small penis is no good.

That is the whole point. If a too small penis is no good then penis size does matter and it matters all the time. Keeping all the other things equal, if you have a small penis, you fail to fit in her criteria of preferred ones.

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