Big Penises Satisfy Women's Instinctive Need To Reproduce

Women Prefer Big Penises to Satisfy Her Instinctive Need of Reproducing

When we talk about needs and expectations of a woman from a sexual relationship, it is not limited to sexual pleasure. Reproducing is also a woman's instinctive need and satisfying this need is one of her prime concerns.

She prefers men with big penis to satisfy this need of her. Well, the question is why she prefers a big penis to satisfy her need of reproducing since even a smaller penis can help her do that. This is for three reasons:

  • For a woman, big penis is a sign of man's masculinity and fertility.

  • Mating with a man having a big penis increases her chances of getting pregnant.

  • A son born with a man having big penis is expected to have superior traits in the same regards.

    The fundamental law of nature is every species should reproduce, grow in numbers and sustain its species. Just like animals, human males are also designed to hunt for females and impregnate them. Now, since all men have different capacity and opportunity to produce offspring, human species goes on multiplying.

    With an intention to ensure survival of human species, nature has designed the process called natural selection. This clears, why only the best ones live and the weak ones disappear.

    Let us understand how it works step by step:

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  • Law of nature is all species must reproduce.

  • Men are designed to hunt women and impregnate them.

  • Risk of degeneration is involved

  • Process of natural selection helps and the strongest survives

  • Women are programmed to prefer males with superior genes.

  • Larger penis is accepted as superior genes and a sign of fertility.

  • Women prefer men with bigger penises.

  • Men have competitiveness in mind keeping their genetics.

  • Men are obsessed about their penis size.

    For any species to reproduce and grow in numbers, it is crucial that males impregnate females. This is possible only if they have a long enough penis to penetrate deep inside a female's vagina and finally ejaculate far inside. This is the reason, why naturally all women desire to mate with men having big penises.

    Physical pleasure is one thing, but she needs to satisfy her instinctive need of reproducing too. A bigger and longer penis is expected to make her climax while making love and a woman that climaxes while having sex has more chances to become pregnant.

    Now, as men know how women desire big penises, they are more and more obsessed about their penis size. Men with smaller penis always think they have less chances of mating with a female. In simple words, they feel they have no quality to compete. All answers why men are so much obsessed about their penis size. Also, men can never stand the idea of being rejected or not desired. They always want to be in a state, where they are in demand and preferred. Moreover, it is about competing with other males and satisfying the needs of a woman better.

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