Small Penis Syndrome

Get to Know About the Psychological Small Penis Syndrome

Penis size has become a serious topic for men and their relationship. They have started considering it sacred and sensitive topic, which has led to the rise of various problems including several psychological disorders. Men have committed suicide due to depression caused by small penis.

Lack of confidence or support from their partner is the major cause behind such dreadful action. How can a small organ matter so much to someone that he commits suicide? This is one of the reasons why a few of the popular organizations have come forward to help such patients overcome depression caused due to small size penis and lack of performance in bedroom.

This Small Penis Syndrome is the main culprit and experts have come up with solutions to help patients suffering from it. Before we get into its treatment part, let us understand what SPS is.

What is SPS?

SPS also known as Small Penis Syndrome is a psychological disorder in which a man is never satisfied with the size of his dick. He considers his penis very small even if it is of the average size. He has the illusion that he is the only person on earth, who has such a small dick and he cannot do anything for it.

SPS is the term that is used for this problem on the internet. However, doctors often name it as Body Dysmorphic Disorder. BDD is a broad category, which includes body deformations and perception of the same. Even though the body or penis is not deformed, but still he thinks it to be.

This medical condition is not always caused in men with smaller dick. Instead, it is a common problem for men with average penis size. The problem worsens with time. Therefore, a man suffering from such medical condition needs quick and extra medical attention.

What are the symptoms of SPS?

Now, you might think what are the visible traits of a person suffering from SPS? It is easier if you want to judge yourself. However, if you think that one of your close friends or family member is suffering from it, then you need to know what is going on his mind. On an average, a person with SPS medical condition shows following symptoms:

  • Unwillingness for sex

  • Sudden refusal during intercourse

  • Psychological distress

  • Impaired occupational and social functioning

  • Severe anxiety

  • Emotional depression

  • Social withdrawal or isolation

    Why is it caused?

    To know about the reasons and causes of SPS, have a look at recent surveys conducted by few websites. Here no one was under any surveillance, so the results are expected to be true. Moreover, the number of people (both men and women) was more than 30 thousand making it a huge success.

    Talking about the results:

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  • Around 66% men were happy with the size of their penis and rated it average.

  • Near about 22% men thought, they have a really large penis.

  • Number of men thinking they have a small penis was just 12%.

  • A big number of around 85% women were fully satisfied with the size of their partner's penis.

  • However, this satisfaction level is very much low for men giving only 55%. This means around half of the generation thinks that they cannot satisfy their women.

  • 45% men wanted to have a bigger dick if possible. To your surprise, there were also few men, who wanted a small size of penis (around 0.2%).

  • 15% of women, who were not satisfied with the size of their partner, were majorly due to extra-large size or because of micro penis, which is less than 3 inch when erect.

    The above-mentioned data directly shows that SPS have nothing to do with the partner and is more of a self-psychological problem.

    Men developing SPS- the risk factors

    Let us now talk about some of the risk factors for men developing BDD or SPS.

  • Any emotional or physical abuse in the past
  • Small length of flaccid penis even if the erect length is average, often when men compare their penis size, it is in the flaccid state thus the problem becomes major for one, who has a significantly small flaccid penis length.
  • Any event or history of genital teasing in the teenage phase, teasing and bothering accumulate in the mind of the patient and increases the chances of SPS.
  • Negative initial sexual experiences or inability to satisfy a woman
  • A small erect penis length or length on the lesser side of normal erect length has more chances of developing SPS.
  • The habit of comparing penis length with friends, brothers or anyone else
  • Late bloomers whose puberty starts at a later age also have the vulnerability to develop this condition because his penis may seem smaller during a particular age.
  • Lack of proper sex education
  • The habit of watching pornography, which shows unrealistic and real big penises.
  • Friends who are mean about dick size can affect a person mentally and eventually he will either isolate himself or become a victim of SPS.

Advices for men suffering from SPS

Now, let us move to the advice section, which will help you get rid of this medical condition easily.

  • Measure your length properly and relate with the average graph.

  • Quit the habit of comparing it with other fellows.

  • Go for psychological counselling if you want to have some mental support.

  • Talk to your partner about it and ask her for help.

  • Keep yourself away from mean friends who constantly nag you for size.

  • Know the difference between real life and pornographies.

  • You can take anti-depressant pills to calm yourself down.

    To conclude, you need to take that every step to help yourself, as no one else can do it for you. You need to understand that unless you seek professional help, there is nothing much you can do, and this why you have experts in the first place. So, stop crying over your penis size, and get help. Unless you are satisfied with your penis size, you can never make your partner happy in bed.

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