Why Do Men Want A Bigger Penis?

The Reason behind an Urge to Have Bigger Penis

Men have started thinking more deeply about their physical traits in the recent years. Gone are the days when small penises were considered sacred. This is the time, when everyone considers ‘bigger is better' and most men long for it. You might also think why every male wants a big penis at some point in his life.

The reasons are not limited. If you will start exploring, you will finally conclude that it is indeed a necessity for men these days. Let us talk about some of the most common reasons why men long for big penis and the problems usually faced by men having small dick.

Bigger size means better sex

You cannot say it is a myth, but yes, it is not always true. There are chances that even a small dick can satisfy women better than a big dick. However, when it comes to pure pleasure it becomes quite difficult for men with small penis. They have to force themselves on their partner for better penetration.

This enforcement might give your partner the joy ride, but it leaves you with muscular cramp. In order to satisfy her further, a man with small dick may also try fingering her, which eventually worsens the case and gives muscular cramps in hands as well. While she might be thinking you are enjoying the course, you might feel exhausted due to the pressure you have on your belly and in your head as well.

This is so much easier for men with big penis as they need not put any special efforts for good penetration. The bigger girth will eventually rub with the clitoris giving them both immense pleasures and satisfaction.

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Bigger size means greater self-esteem

Not only one, but many surveys and researches have been conducted for this purpose and the results of all these studies were the same. Men do relate the size with confidence. They will be able to speak with confidence and tend to be more social, if they know they have a king hanging between their legs. However, the case is simply the opposite for men with small dick.

Bigger size means better partner

Many times, men with small dicks have the fear of rejection from the partner. Men usually believe that women will remain loyal if they are good in bed. They also think that they can attract several women with a bigger dick. Their choice becomes extremely limited, if they have small penis.

However, most of these assumptions are made purely by men and have no proof. Instead of looking for a woman, who is fond of your physical traits, go for one, who loves you for who you are. You can always be polite, loving and full of compassion to get real love.

To get back to your confidence, you need to deal with its root cause. This will help you restore your belief in your ability to satisfy your woman sexually. As the main problem is the small penis size, the solution lies in enhancing it.

Before you start anything to enhance the size of your penis, you need to change your mentality and be patient. Nothing can change overnight, and thus you need to keep putting in right efforts to see good results.

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