Being Obese Makes Your Penis Looks Smaller

Most men out there, are always worried about the size of their penis, it length and width. However, not many would have noticed that once long or medium penis, is suddenly looking smaller. The main reason behind this is obesity. Yes, being obese, and growing fat around your mid-rift is what, makes your penis look small.

The change in the size of your penis due to obesity

Obesity can make your erect penis as well as your soft and flaccid penis look small. Men who already have small penis, less than or around five inches, when erect can give an appearance of a very small penis. Same will happen with a medium as well as large sized penis, they will all appear to look smaller than they actually are.

If you are suffering from extreme morbid obesity, then your penis can appear as micro penis, even though it is not so small. Men facing this particular problem are advised to lose a few inches around their mid-rift, so that the penis looks a bit longer.

There are a large number of men, who make a mistake in the size of the penis based on their soft and flaccid penis. You will not be able to know the right size of your penis, if it is encased by fat, as this will make your penis look smaller in size. The appearance of the size of your penis will depend on the extent of your obesity.

There are men, who have stated that they were medium or large sized, which is from 5-7inches, during their teens. However, when they reached their late twenties and early thirties, the appearance in the size of their penis changed, and they report that suddenly their penis looks half the size, which is 3-5 inches. The reason for this change is morbid obesity, which makes your penis appear smaller.

Weight loss: An important factor in making your penis looks longer

It is really important that you take care of your health, and do not allow the mid rift grow large. As this will not only make you look fat, but it will also make your penis look smaller. Normally when you look at your penis, and think that it has shrunk in size then it is time to watch your weight. Penis usually do not shrink when you are young, however, it might do so when you grow a bit older.

The shrink in the penis size is mainly due to the fat, around the pubic and groin region, which makes your medium or large sized penis look smaller than what it once was. However, do not get too worried, your penis is still of the size that it was earlier, just that your body has become larger than it was. Hence, it is important for you to lose weight, in order to get back the right size of your penis.

Unlike male breast, which increases along with your body size, your penis tends to shrink in size. Hence, it is really important that you workout and reduce your weight. Working out, will help you to lose weight, making you fit and healthy, and at the same time it will make your penis, look as it was before, long and thick. This will help you regain your confidence towards a better sex and love life and also towards a better work life.

We can take the example of man, who lost 40 pounds (18 kilograms) and he saw a remarkable change in the size of their penis. The earlier soft and flaccid penis now regained its actual size, making it look longer and thicker.

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Side effects of obesity: shrinking in the size of the penis

Obesity comes with a lot of health problems. However, what most of them overlook is the size of the penis. Informing men that their penis size can shrink or looks smaller due to obesity is really important. It is the major side effect caused due to obesity.

When men with small penis become obese, their penis becomes completely encased in pubic fat and it looks soft and flaccid. This creates a mangina or flaccid-inny of the penis. This is one of the most embarrassing situations for men.

Most of you would not know that having a flaccid or soft penis could have other major problems. Some of the problems, which men with flaccid and soft penis could face, are:

  • Urinating becomes uncomfortable, and it creates incontinence. Some men might have to sit in order to urinate.

  • Soft and flaccid penis is encased with pubic fat pad. This can lead to fungal infection, if the penis is not kept clean and dry.

  • Rashes can develop due to poor hygiene, sweat and heat.

  • Creates odor problem in penis, and its surrounding area

    There are specialists, who motivate their clients to reduce their weight, as this would make their penis grow back to its actual size. Just by losing a few pounds, you will be able to notice the difference in your physical appearance as well as in the appearance of your penis.

    Measuring your penis

    All men are proud of the size of their penis. However, how many of you know the right way to measure your penis. Read on to know how to measure your penis. Measure your penis when you are fully erect. Then, take a ruler and place it right next to your penis. Press the scale gently into your fat tissue to get the proper length, especially if you are overweight. Normally, the size of your erection mainly depends on a few factors such as how excited you are and what time of the day it is. Thus, in order to get 100% accurate measurement, it is suggested that you measure your penis at times:

  • Once in the morning
  • Once in the noon
  • And once when you are too aroused

Then, add all the three measurements that you took and divide the total by three. This will give you the closest possible length of your penis.

Many of you might have read that obese men usually have smaller penis. However, you must remember, that the penis was not always small. It is due to obesity that the penis looks smaller, and shrinks in size. However, if you lose weight, then you will notice that you are able to gain back your appearance.

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