Avoiding Penile Underdevelopment

As A Parent You Can Avoid Your Child's Penile Underdevelopment

If you have already dealt with or you are still dealing with penile size issue, you would never want it to happen to your child. Isn't it? Besides, even if you were fairly endowed, you would want your child too to enjoy this state of being more confident in life, better in the bedroom, and to take pride in his masculinity. Hence, it turns out to be your responsibility, being a parent, that your child has proper growth and development of his penis.

Now, you might be wondering as what you can do in this context and the role you can play, as a parent in ensuring that your child can actually thank you one day for this special reason. Hence, for that you need to have a bit of understanding on penile growth and its development.

The Size Determining Factors

You may take any man for instance, who is dealing with short penis length issue. Just with a little research and conversation with him, you will figure it out that he is small, because either he was meant to be (genetic) or something went wrong during the stage of his penile development.

In short, there are primarily only two important factors, which have a great impact on penis size development. It is either genetic or the influencing factors during one's puberty.

Ensure That He Is Given Proper Nutrition and Leads a Stress Free Life

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Believe it or not, but malnutrition and excessive stress either physical or emotional can have a great negative impact on the development of your child's manhood. These factors can weaken the production of growth inducing hormones.

Hence, to make sure that your child's genital grows to its optimal capacity, you need to provide him proper nutrition and the best possible environment. It's advisable to also engage him in daily exercising and yoga practising.

By giving him proper nutrition and motivating for these healthy practices, you can be rest assured of proper blood supply to his genital. Needless to mention, that is the most important aspect in determining the growth and erection quality of one's penis.

You Need Not Let Him Prefer Too Much Bicycling

While bicycling has always been considered, as one of the best forms of exercising, yet too much of it can ruin things up. As per the researchers, extensive bicycling could lead to penile failure, genital numbness, shrinkage, and even to its underdevelopment.

Well, there are logical reasons for these. When you sit on a bicycle, almost all of your body weight is concentrated on the place between your sit bones. Given a thought to it, you will understand that all the blood vessels and nerves that feed the penis is virtually blocked or almost shut off due to the concentrated pressure on this region.

Hence, in a way, it leads to insufficient supply of the growth determining factors to your child's penis. Hence, you need to ask your child to avoid excessive cycling and prefer other means of transportation. Besides, you can also change his bicycle's saddle with a wider one, which is comparatively safer.

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