The Penis Size vs. Race Debate

You Might Have Always Considered One's Race While Assuming His Penis Size

There are several notions and ideas among men about penis and its size. One of those, you will agree for sure, is about the huge differences in penis size among various races of this planet. Say for instance, many of you think that black men have huge penises. Don't you? By the way, how did you come to know about it?

You heard it from someone, right? Besides, after watching so many porn movies, where the black porn stars had huge tools, the idea was instilled on your mind. Hence, you have always considered black men as the most fortunate guys when it came to penis size. Besides, not to that extent of surety, but yes you also have the notion that Asians have short and thin end of the stick.

Now, with all these ideas and pre-notions that you have, you might have always thought yourself of being less fortunate than those black guys. However, is it really? Are there actually differences in the size of men belonging to different races? If yes, are these differences so big that you can just stereotype any man, or can compare yourself with them and get that inferiority or superiority complex? Well, for that you need to have an understanding of few facts in this context.

Europeans Once Promoted That Black Men Are Hugely Endowed

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Decades ago, Europeans started interacting with the Africans on a major scale. It was then that the white culture started relating African people to animals, since they were hugely endowed. While this might come as a surprise to you now, but believe it, there was a time in fact few centuries when the Africans' big penises were used to prove them inferior.

However, this ended up in 1952, when Frantz Fanon came up with statistical data and proved that there is hardly any correlation between African decent and their big penises. Yet, do you think things ended up there and then? Isn't the idea still alive and will you not agree to the fact that even today people have this notion that the blacks are fairly endowed?

The WHO Has Certain Specifications for Condom Sizes As Per The Racial Groups

Yes, you heard it right. They have specified the condom size, like width of 5.2 cm for Europe, 5.3 cm for Africa, and 4.9 cm for Asia. Clearly, these differences as per the racial groups are not that big.

Hence, in a nutshell, you need to understand that yes there are differences in penis size as per the different races residing on the earth. However, the differences are not that big. It is not just your penis size, which matters in the bedroom. In fact, it is your skills, techniques, and the readiness to try new things in the bedroom that matters. As long as you have these, your penis size would never bother you. Yet, even if it bothers you somehow, you have many safe and effective penis enhancement techniques that you can easily opt for and achieve the gains.

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