Small Penis, Is Penis Enlargement The Answer?

Is Penis Enlargement The Answer To Your Situation?

First of all, it is important to understand that 50% of male population have average penis size, which is good enough to satisfy almost any woman. However, this does not mean that men need not worry about their penis size. For men, penis size is something that can justify their reputation in bed. On the other hand, no matter what one's size is, men will always wish to have a little more than what they have for now. Why is this? Well, the simple answer to this is pride and reputation.

The world in which we live gives great deal of importance to one's sex life. Thus, the obsession of men concerning their penis size is no wrong. Also, it is not totally our fault. Media and porn movies have converted our thinking as such that we have started believing that big penises and longer erection period that are shown by porn stars are normal. Whereas this is totally wrong. Furthermore, if you ask any man, the answer would not be that he wants the biggest or bulkiest penis, but all he wants is a little more.

Answer to the little more need of a man

Well, since it is clear that man do not want to have the biggest package, not everyone at least, it can be said that penis enlargement can answer this situation. However, the question is, is a 7 or 9 inch penis enough to satisfy? If not, what is that magic penis dimension that every man is hoping to get?

The truth is, individuals with a 4.5-inch penis are more satisfied than 9 inch ones. The simple and understandable reason behind this is that it all depends on ones mood, personal experiences and nature. Besides, the good news is, whether you have a small penis or a thin one, if you want to improve its overall dimensions now it is just possible. There are several penis enlargement options available in the market, which can help you, get exactly what you desire. Whether your concern is length or girth, there is definitely a solution available for every situation. Moreover, you cannot simply deny that it is all about the sex techniques that you employ at the end. Even if you get a penis twice as bigger as what you have presently, it is not necessarily going to make any change in your sexual pleasure. In fact, there are chances that it might not make any difference at all.

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Want To Solve Your Small Penis?
Penis Enlargement or Penis Straightening

Don't go for enlargement only because you are jealous

Penis enlargement is definitely your answer if you are actually suffering from Small Penis Syndrome or have a Micropenis. However, if you are going for it just because you had a glimpse of other guy's penis which is a lot bigger than yours, then it just makes no sense. Keep in mind, comparison will simply ruin your pleasure and give you nothing.

Furthermore, keep small things in mind too. When you are looking at other guy's penis, nothing is actually blocking you. On the other hand, when you are looking down at your penis your stomach and those little extra pounds are there which are blocking your view. So, sometimes it may see that the other guy is bigger, but it is not necessarily true. Keep in mind his body dimensions as well as the angle from where you are looking at him to be ascertain.

Next, when you are looking at a flaccid penis, there is no sense in comparing yours with it. Any doctor will tell you this that once a penis is getting erect no one can actually tell to what exact size it will expand. A few men have the exact same size both the times, whether they are erect or flaccid. On the other hand, some may gain several inches which erection. Therefore, no needs to be jealous at all and if you are comparing yourself with some other guy, make sure both of you are having an erection.

Lastly, the worst thing that you can do is comparing yourself against a porn star. Clear your mind with one thing, porn stars take pills to enlarge their penis dimensions and erection time. Also, there are lot of camera tricks involved when porn films are directed. So, what you are watching is not necessarily true.

This all concludes that penis enlargement is definitely the answer if you have serious size issues. However, if it is only about jealousy than before opting any enlargement options make sure whether the issue actually exist or not. Also, one more thing is try out some new moves while you are making love. There are chances that for better satisfaction, all you need is to know some good sex techniques and this is where penis size is not going to matter at all.

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