Women Prefer Big Penises Because They Give More Physical Pleasure

Big Penis Is Equal to More Physical Pleasure

There are several reasons why a woman prefers a big penis, and one of the most obvious one is physical pleasure. When a woman comes in contact with a man's penis, she experiences certain physical sensations. We can differentiate these sensations in two types, the first one is genital and second one is touch. Since the sensation of touch is pretty easy to understand, let us start with it.

Big penis is more pleasure for hands and mouth:

Many cannot understand how a big penis is more pleasure for hands. Well, in simple words it is just the level of satisfaction, which she feels while having a big one in her hands. When she is fondling with your penis, something big in her hands is more exciting and arousing rather than having a tiny one. She loves to touch and play with your special organ just like you love to play with her big tits. Admit it, the bigger her breast, the more you enjoy. Similarly, the bigger your penis, the more she enjoys fondling with it.

Moving towards the next part of the statement, which is pleasure for mouth. Women who actually love oral sex always prefer big penises. It is believed that a small penis is mostly preferable for oral sex, but the truth is that only those women, who don't like oral sex want this. The type of excitement that she feels, when she is sucking a big one and when her mouth is all full with that thick penis, is just too good. A big and thick penis is more like a challenge for those, who love oral. In simple words, they have more to enjoy and more to satisfy all at one time.

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Big penis is more pleasure for her vagina:

This is almost self-explanatory. If your girl is into deep penetrating sex, she will just love to have a big one inside her. Large penis for obvious reasons can cause more vaginal and clitoris stimulation. So, even those women, who cannot climax without c-spot stimulation, can have all the enjoyment that they want.

Most people usually compare that the type of pleasure a man experiences with big breast is equal to the type of satisfaction that a female gets with big penis. Well, this is totally incorrect for one simple reason,

A big penis creates more vaginal stimulation and big breast has nothing to do with more penile satisfaction.

This concludes why you should never believe people, who say that big penile issue is just like big breast issue. Nope it is totally incorrect and both the issues are completely different from one another. To be honest, the type of satisfaction that a woman feels with a big penis actually takes more words in fact more pages to explain.

So, if having a small penis is something that troubles a man, it is definitely something big and he needs to be a little worried about it. The issue is serious, if he is more into satisfying his lady.

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