The Anatomy Of A Penis

Know About Different Parts of Your Penis and Accelerate Your Penis Enlargement Goal

For sure, you must be thinking why you need to know about your own anatomy. Well, the simplest answer to that is, to help you with your penis enlargement better. The more you know about how every part of penis works, the more you can figure out what technique and life style alterations will help you achieve that enlarged penis.

Despite having a simple appearance, the penis is a complex body part of a human body. Moreover, there are only two functions of penis, which are well known to most men and women and most people think that they know everything about a penis since they know its prime functions. However, there are always a few questions, which pop up in our mind. Since we do not know the complexity of different parts of a penis and their individual functions, these questions always remain unanswered. For once, it is beneficial to know how a penis functions and how each and every part has its own role.


In simple words, penis has two parts, the shaft and the glans. The glans is widely known as the head. The shaft is mostly believed to be having muscles, but for sure, it is not. In fact, there are only three columns of tissues. One of these columns is known as Corpus Spongiosus and it forms the underside of penis and glans. The Corpora Cavernosa is the two columns of tissues, which are located side by side on the upper side of a penis.

The shaft is completely covered in skin and the glans supports the loose fold of skin known as foreskin. Foreskin is attached to the underside of penis in the area known as frenum. Lastly, the tube known as urethra travels from the base to the tip of the penis. Urethra serves the purpose of passing urine and sperms.

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Unlike other mammals, human males do not have erectile bone and thus to achieve an erection they have to rely completely on blood supply. When a man is aroused by sexual stimulation, both the chambers of Corpora Cavernosa are filled with blood. The arteries that are bringing blood to the penis dilate and the blood flow increases. When tissues are completely filled with blood, the penis becomes stiff. Once the tissues get stiffer, they obstruct the veins carrying blood and thus the erection is maintained.

All the male babies are born with a complete set of reproductive system. Well, of course these organs are not completely developed during the time of birth, but mature as a boy enters puberty. The puberty age is generally from 10 to 14. During this age, pituitary glands start secreting different hormones. One of these hormones is testosterones. Testosterones control physical and psychological qualities of a man.

The presence of this hormone ensures the bigger growth of muscles and bones in men. Also, it affects the penis and testicle size. Generally, the penis stops growing once a man turns 18. However, due to different environmental factors delay or acceleration of penis growth is normal.

The most common myth believed about the penis size is it is correlated to the size of other body parts. Nevertheless, scientific research conducted in this field has concluded that there are no such correlations and it is totally non-productive to assume one's penis size on the basis of the size of his other body parts.

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