Is It True What They Say About Guys With Big Feet?

Popular Penis Size Myth: Big In Shoes Is Big In Pants

Big penises have always fascinated both men and women. This is the reason why this area has so much popularity and why there are, several researches carried out to find new conclusions. Well, since this area is so well known, it is surrounded by several myths as well. One of the most popular one amongst all is, “Big in shoes means big in pants”. Well, of course, this one is not at all backed by science or any research, but there are several studies conducted to ensure that it is purely a myth.

We can thank urologists, who continuously keep on studying such nether regions of science, which normal people like us cannot dare to. In a handful of studies, researches have made it clear that there is no strong evidence, which proves that penis size has something to do with the foot size.

Let's see how it all was concluded

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Two Canadian doctors in 1993 measured the foot size, penile size and the height of 63 men. They tried to link the penis size with two other measurements and were trying to prove correlations, if any. Well, the researchers, who were 1998 Nobel Prize Winners for Statistics found that there was no correlation at all between the penile size and a man's foot. They did found a weak correlation between a man's height and his penile size, but the correlation was too weak to prove anything. Finally, they concluded that there was no practical utility in estimating the penis size of a man from either his foot size or his height.

Later, in 1999, Korean researches measured 655 Korean men. Their foot size, length of toes and fingers, ear and mouth size, amount of hair on their head and their flaccid penis size was noted down. The only thing that they could conclude was a penis has proportional dimensions. That is, there was a correlation between a penis's length and its girth size. However, no correlation of penis size with the size of other body parts as mentioned above was confirmed. So, the final conclusion was, the size and character of different body parts are not sufficient enough to predict penile size.

A year later, in an online edition "Definitive Penis Size Survey", Mr. Richard Edwards concluded that there was no correlation between penile size and foot size, but there was a strong one between penile size and the height. However, the correlation was not strong enough to prove anything worthy. It is important here to take into account that the subjects themselves took all measurements and so there are chances that the data collected is not genuine and appropriate.

The latest study conducted in this area was in 2002. The University College Hospitals in London undertook this study and measured the penile and feet size of 104 men. Again, no correlation was found and it was strongly concluded that foot size of a man has nothing to do with his penile size.

The above-mentioned researches clearly indicate that what people say about a man's penis size and his foot size is definitely a myth and there is no evidence to prove this.

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