The Cave to Africa: History of Penis Enlargement

Both men and women value large penis for varying reasons. At any one moment, there is a woman or man somewhere thinking about the same. There are some men who feel more dominant with a large penis. This explains why a good number of them have sought male enhancement programs as well as products that promise the same. Men from all eras of history have gone to very extreme as well as dangerous extents in order to lengthen their penises and erection duration.

They have sacrificed their safety and security for an opportunity to have their penis enlarged. For instance, some have manually stretched the shaft, hang weights on the scrotum and the tip and even cut a slit down the shaft in order to have a larger penis. We can, therefore, conclude that a huge value has always been placed on a large penis from the very beginning. Until today, nothing has changed.

Retracing the Cave Days

As you must already have realized, the history of male enhancement can be traced back to several years back. Archaeologists dedicate their lifetime looking for new clues regarding the prehistoric lives of people as well as what their culture entailed. They were very surprised upon discovering cave paintings that revealed a more modern way of thinking- that bigger is better. The past always have a way of resurfacing and merging extremely with the current happenings. Throughout the world history, human beings have been fascinated by large penises. For instance, you will spot cave drawings from 440 BC showing kings with large penises pouring blessings on their towns.

On the other hand, various cultures across the globe have erected huge penis statues, temples and monuments. Majority of the paintings that were discovered seemed to depict men of power which all had one thing in common- they were adequately endowed. Extensive research studies have revealed that during the early years of the world, there was a certain penis was considered crucial, across the globe.

The Arabic Culture

The Arabians also pay specific attention to the size of a man's penis. It has always been important for the Arabian from the very beginning. Part of the Arabians cultural lessons include teaching men a method referred to as jelqing. These lessons are given to boys as soon as they attain thirteen years of age as a rite of passage to manhood.

There is a common belief that jelqing has its origin from the Middle Eastern society. The term jelq is Arabic word that means milking. Typically, it entails giving penis a massage while in its semi-erect form. As the erection increases, this act must be stopped so as to allow the penis become flaccid prior to proceeding.

What about the Asians?

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For a long period, the Chinese society has been tagged as leaders in preparation and manufacturing of herbal medicines. They seem to have a plant for any disease. It is no wonder that most of the commonly believed theories of male enhancement or rather penis enlargement seem to have some Asian roots with various combinations of herbs. In recent years, the Chinese doctors combine modern medicine with herbal medicine to treat different ailments. The same is being used to help in penis enlargement.

As with the majority of the herbal remedies, the outcome has varied considerably between the various individuals and this has made some Asian men pursue alternative ways. Out of desperation, the men even went to an extent of feasting upon the testicles and penises of certain animals. As the odd methods failed to bore productive results, people went back to using the herbal methods and at times, surgery.

Africans and Male Enhancement

Like any other society in the world, Africans have also always been interested in having larger penises. For instance, penis enlargement through grip is very popular in both South America and Africa. It is common among tribes that have been engaged in ear and lip stretching.

Throughout the centuries, the practice still continues and very prevalent among girls from various tribes. Men would use the same method to enlarge their penises. Specifically, they would hang weights on their penises in order to stimulate growth through stretching. While this approach sounds quite painful, it is believed to be still in use amongst some African tribes.

Modern methods of penis enlargement

Thanks to technological advancements, things seem to have taken a complete transformation. Although some traditional practices of male enhancement are still in use, this practice has evolved considerably. Some of the methods utilized in the traditional society were extremely dangerous. For instance, hanging weights on the penis or piercing the penis to inject animal venom (such as snakes') must have had adverse effects on the overall health of men.

From the beginning of 1900s, mechanical jelqing devices were discovered although they didn't last for long because of the discomfort and awkwardness felt in their use. The penis pump was invented a few years later by an Austrian man. This device has been developed over and again over the years. During the 20th century, the world welcomed advancements in penis enlargement surgical procedures. Medical practitioners discovered different useful ways of cutting the tendons that hold the organ to allow the penis to drop and consequently increasing in length.

While some men have opted for surgery, it is still a procedure that most men aren't willing to try. This is mainly because of the many complications and side effects associated with it. A critical look at the history of penis enlargement provides explanations for men being nearly obsessed with the idea of having larger penises. The size of a penis has always been given great importance both in the ancient and modern cultures.

Women also seem to place high importance on the penis size of their sexual partners. Nearly every man want to increase their penis size and this has become a growing trend. Individuals are doing all sorts of things nowadays without full understanding of why they do them. Perhaps the greatest fear that men and women have is that sparks might lack in the bedroom if the penis size doesn't measure up to a certain length. Nevertheless, when everything is said and done, everyone has their own take on the matter.

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