What Does Normal Penis Look Like

Although such a seemingly controversial topic, the issue of penis size is spoken about by and wide. If you want to turn a man into a murderer, try and insult his manhood- tell him he isn't big enough. Studies have shown that the men feel dominant when they have a bigger penis. Surprisingly, their female partners also prefer men with larger penises. One doesn't have to look far or conduct research to understand why this is so. Obviously, perfection is critical when it comes to the bedroom matters and so on. For the peace of the many people who worry about their penis size, it is important to understand what a normal penis size looks like.

Is there something like a normal penis size? It is critical to comprehend that every man is unique, and that penises may come in different shapes, sizes and even colour. However, what exactly is considered normal? This is among the five most commonly asked questions about penis size.

Let's face it; do men have a reason to have sleepless nights because of the size of their penis? Strictly speaking, as long as your penis is capable of having sexual intercourse and ejaculating, then it is fulfilling its intended role of reproduction- and this is essential for any man who wishes to have children. On the other hand, for your penis to fulfil the sexual intercourse function, it must fall within a given range in terms of shape and size. Based on the numerous research studies that have been conducted, including clinical ones, a good number of men usually measure within the predetermined average size of the penis. This means that their penises meet the necessary criterion for sexually satisfying the women in their lives. If you have been following the previous posts, you must already know what an average penis is and if or not you fall into that category. The men who fall outside the average range either have too big penis or too small one. Either of these categories has the potential to affect the normal functioning of the penis when it comes to sexual intercourse.

Besides the penis size, its shape also matters a lot. Unfortunately, very few people pay attention to the shape of their penis as most of them are only concerned about the size. It is important to know that there are some normal penises that aren't exactly straight. Nevertheless, as long as the curvature doesn't affect your ability to engage in sex, then there is nothing to worry about as you are considered to have a normal and healthy penis. One of the things that men should be made to understand is that the role of your penis goes beyond reproduction. The way you feel about your penis is of utmost importance as it affects not only your self-esteem but also your penis size. From a psychological perspective, the standard size and shape of your penis tends to feel tighter compared to the ordinary functional size range. All this aside, let us consider the various looks that a normal healthy penis may have.

Erect penis

Usually, when a man is sexually aroused, the penis becomes erect. This is because; the penis gland and shaft are made of erectile tissue that permits the penis to erect- when more bloods get pumped into your penis. A good number of men have suffered the embarrassment of failing to sustain an erection. An erection should be adequately hard for a person to engage in sex successfully, if it isn't, your penis may buckle which could result in an injury. Unfortunately, this may cause Peyronie's disease. Age and particular health challenges may affect the quality of erection. A normal penis is usually tight and smooth when erect, but one can see bluish veins through the skin. Kinsey studies revealed that the majority of penises range between five to seven inches when erect. Approximately o.6 percent of men are said to have very small penises that are less than 2/8 inches.

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Flaccid penis

Typically, these are non-erect penis. They usually appear shrunken. This is mainly because; the penis is loose as well as elastic to accommodate the changes that take place during erection. The size of your penis in this state doesn't represent your penis size when it's erect. Apparently, smaller penises usually tend to grow more when erection takes place. According to Kinsey, shorter flaccid penises often increase twice as much in length as longer flaccid ones. A normal penis appears smaller when someone is cold but grows as temperature increases.

Circumcised versus uncircumcised penis

Due to cultural and religious beliefs, some men are circumcised when they reach certain. The practice is more prevalent in some African states. Depending on the culture, some men are circumcised as soon as they are born while others are circumcised later in their life as part of the initiation- rite of passage.

Apart from the cultural and religious beliefs, it is believed that circumcision offers a range of other benefits such as decreased risk of penile cancer, HIV and urinary tract infections. The world health organisation reported that approximately 30 percent of all the men aged 15 years, and above are circumcised. The uncircumcised penis is said to have a smooth head and is also more sensitive to touch compared to the circumcised ones. The circumcised penis doesn't have the foreskin that covers the penis head. This means that the penis glands are visible all the time, including when in its flaccid state.

Apart from the features described above, below are other characteristics of a normal healthy penis:

  • Upon reaching puberty, hair growing around your pubic bone should be rougher compared to that of the rest of the body. The hair curls should be spotted around the base of your penis

  • A normal healthy penis has the same colour as your race skin colour.

  • It should have any open wounds, scratches, sores or discharge

By now, you should be in a position to judge if or not your penis is normal. If you have spotted anything unusual such as open wounds, unusual skin bumps or if your penis bears a different colour from the rest of your skin, you should have it checked.

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