Women Prefer Big Penises Because They Give More Psychological Pleasures

In as much as women hate to hear this, men are usually attracted to women because of their anticipation to engage in sex. It is one of the things that many women hate to admit to themselves. It is the instincts of a man that tells him he is bound to experience sexual pleasure with a female. This is referred to as anticipating for sex. Individuals are created to be attracted to things that give them enjoyment. Sexual pleasure is apparently the most intense form of enjoyment. On the other hand, anticipating for sexual pleasure brings pleasure in itself. It means getting turned on. This brings us to a critical yet rhetoric question- what are some of the features that turn men and women on?

Even before I say it, you must already know that the majority of guys are turned on by big breasts. For the majority of women, a big penis (while erect) is a complete turn on. There is nothing complicated about this. This conclusion brings us to something else; feminine women. I am not saying that there is a less woman, but logic and sense must apply at all times to avoid biases. It is important that we remain true to ourselves as well as realistic at all times. A feminine woman is a woman who possesses very strong female characteristics.

These features include:

  • Slim waistline
  • Big breasts
  • A small nose
  • Small shoulders
  • Relatively big hips as well as bubble butt
  • Small slender hands and arms
  • Firm yet curvy legs
  • Gentle facial features
  • Small and slender feet

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A man is always inclined to notice a woman with these kinds of features even from a large crowd. Tell a man to scan a huge crowd of men, women and kids and then ask him what he has seen. Unknowingly and most probably, he will notice all the women with strong feminine features. For instance, he will discover women with big breasts and slim curves. It is important to note that he didn't purpose to identify this category of women.

That's just how nature programs him. He isn't going to notice obese women in the crowd, fellow men or even kids. Unconsciously, a man scans the people around him to look for women among them. It is his natural instinct at work as well as the purpose of his very being. Women are given outstandingly visible features that make it easy for men to identify them. The above-listed characteristics are programmed in the man's brain. He needn't think about it or even struggle to remember.

You needn't look far to confirm this- study the sketches made by men for their fantasy woman. Alternatively, consider some of the virtual game characters such as Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) and Delhia (game of dark earth). These characters are nothing short of over-portrayed femaleness. This is a perfect example of how most men imagine their ideal babe. A feminine woman is made up of a mix of small and big body parts. When they are all emphasized on a given woman, men will prefer her to other women whose features are less pronounced. These are the things that satisfy the instinct of a man as they show that he is engaging with a real woman.

What do women consider masculine?

Going back to the principle of anticipation for sexual pleasure, the more feminine a woman is, the more a man anticipates sex. This principle can also be applied to women- What exactly turns them on when it comes to men?

When it comes to men, there are particular attributes that women consider. You must have overheard women talking about real men. In their fantasies, they have an idea of what attributes their ideal men should possess. Some of the characteristics that are used to identify men include broad shoulders, square body lines, large hands, stronger muscles and most importantly, more massive penis.

Yes, you have read it right- a larger penis. In the same way, men are usually attracted to women with bigger breasts, slender curves, smaller shoulders and slender legs among numerous others; women are attracted to men who have these characteristics. In fact, when asked to choose, more often than not, they will prefer a man who has all these characteristics. That's just how it is; nature programmed women to be attracted to these features.

Why do women get attracted to a guy? It is for two good reasons: for them, the male element represents both sex and security. Going back to our earlier principle, the larger the penis of a man is, the more a woman anticipates sex and protection from him. This explains why women prefer a man who has a big penis over those with small penises. I usually find it ridiculous when someone says that penis size doesn't matter to some women. No one can dismiss that a deeper voice makes a man more masculine and that women love it that way. In the same way, women love and even desire having sex with men who are well endowed.

Apart from anticipation for sex, another form of sexual pleasure that is influenced by the size is pure visual pleasure- of course apart from sexual excitement. Size really matters to the eyes and women cannot deny the fact that they love the look of a large penis. This excitement can be equated to the one that men have whenever they see big breasts. No one can dismiss the fact that big and firm breasts look so delicious. The same can be said about a large firm penis. Naturally, big is impressive.

People are naturally attracted to big things in life including electronics, fruits and so on. For a man, big women breasts are very exciting for a man to look at. On the other hand, larger penises have the same impact on women. Regardless of what some women say, although they probably wouldn't mind a small penis, they are naturally attracted to bigger penises.

The article above is provided by David. He is our
writer for male enhancement and sexual content.

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differently there. ~Leslie Poles Hartley

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