Measuring The Penis

No other measurement could be as interesting as this. Measuring the penis size may seem to be an easy task initially, but as the matter will unfold, you will find yourself trapped in utter confusion. Apparently, it's a science, and interestingly, not every man knows the basic steps to calculate the actual girth and length of his reproductive organ, leaving him in a quandary. It is important to understand that the size of the penis should be assessed under both circumstances flaccid or erect. Through this article, we made a sincere effort to provide you a better understanding of penis size measurement.

At first, maintain a logbook to record the readings of your monthly checks. Yes, monthly! Because daily evaluations can produce wrong results and may suppress your motivation.To avert any possibility of inaccurate measurements, be negative and round off the final numbers.

When Flaccid

Flaccid gains are the first noteworthy improvements in the size of the penis. The penis is flaccid when it is not erect and hanging loosely. The flaccid length is affected by a number of measures, including temperature. Therefore, measuring a loose penis may yield inconsistent and conflicting results according to the temperatures.In order to prevent clashing outcomes, we have presented an impeccable way to determine the size of male genital organ.

Stand up, spread the flaccid penis out so that it runs parallel to the floor and start measuring it sideways. Use another hand to hold the measuring scale and place it in a way that its one end slightly pushes the pubic bone. Measure the penis from the origin to the tip, either in millimetres or inches. Produce the results in same units going forward.

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When Erect

The penis becomes erect when a man gets sexually aroused. Every man wants a longer penis because it is a good sign of masculinity. Even, women prefer men with big penis as it brings tremendous pleasure to them in bed. Again, the rule is same. Start measuring it from the side for faultless results. This method is even identified as the standardized method to measure an average penis of length 6" - 6.5". But, it is important to achieve a full-proof erection without any flexibility. Hold your penis from one hand and the ruler in another to measure the length from root to the tip. Derive the results in millimetres or inches as per your own preference. Men love to overvalue the size of the erect penis, but it is a self-decieving tactic.

The Flaccid Girth

Measuring the girth of a limp, flaccid penis is an uphill task as it varies from man to man. The widely-accepted technique is to measure the shaft from the center. Hold your penis and roll it into a tape measure. Be easy and do not press it tightly, extending it up to a reasonable level. The girth of 3"-4" is considered average.

The Erect Girth

The same rule follows make sure that the penis is completely erect before you start measuring. Hold your penis so that it runs horizontally to the floor and wrap the tape measure around the penis without getting hard on it. The average girth size of an erect penis is considered 5" - 5.5".

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