How Women Really Feel About Penis Size

I have never said that penis size doesn't matter to some women. However, I have always held the opinion that not all women really care about the penis size. Women are emotional beings and thus prefer sticking with a man capable of satisfying their emotional needs. For real women, a big dick is okay, but only if the man has what it takes to keep them emotionally stable. What is the use of a man who is well endowed, yet heartless?

Most of the women prefer a man who is caring, loving, thoughtful and very mindful of their needs. At the end of the day, if the man has all these attributes and is well packaged between his legs, then it's a real deal for the woman in question. You don't need anyone to tell you that the woman who gets this man is very lucky and obviously the envy of so many women.

Unfortunately, I haven't had sufficient research studies to back up my claims of how women actually feel about the penis size.

A recent study conducted at UCLA, as well as Cal state LA, revealed some interesting facts about this subject matter. 84% of the women participants reported that they were ‘very satisfied' with the penis size of their men. On the other hand, 14% of the women wished it were bigger and only 2% would prefer a smaller one. This means that for every eight women, seven believe that their men are just fine. Most certainly, this revelation corroborates with my assertion that penis size doesn't really matter to an enormous proportion of women.

The findings of this study are to a large extent very valid. It cannot be compared to the ordinary researches that involve a small number of college graduates. The research questions were posted on and received overwhelming responses from 26,437 women between the ages of 18 and 65. However, the participants comprised of a self-selected group which makes the demographic element questionable. Nevertheless, the number of women who participated in the research study was quite enormous, enough to dismiss any doubts about the self-selection approach and demographic representation.

One of the interesting conclusions that one can make from the research findings is that women are more satisfied with the penis of their men, compared to men themselves. The study also attracted responses from a vast population of men- 25594 to be precise. Approximately 67% of the men said that their penises are of average size. This response matches with the one provided by their partners. However, the number of women who termed their men's penis as ‘small' was 50%, that of the men who said the same thing, as they were more likely to use the term ‘large.' Look at the following summarised statistics;

  • 12% of men termed their penis ‘small.'
  • 6% of women said their men had ‘small' penis
  • 22% of men said they had ‘large' penis
  • 27% of the women said their men had ‘large' penis

From these figures, it is easy to tell that women are more satisfied and comfortable with the penis size of their guys, compared to the men.

No one can deny that men have problems with the size of their penis. As we saw in the previous posts, even men with average size dicks are unsure of how women perceive them.

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I have been wondering, just where did the rain start beating men? When did men start worrying about the size of their penises? Has it always been like this? Has bigger been always better? A look at the history might just provide us with the answers to these questions.

Going back to the ancient days – The Greeks

In one of the famous Greek comedy, Lysistrata, an innuendo is clearly brought out when Lysistrata tells Cleonice that something of considerable importance is about to happen, ‘big and meaty?' Cleonice asks.

A kid might perceive this as a big and meaty story. However, its real meaning has to do with long and thick which relates to the male genital- the phallus. Analysts have classified this as an unusual Greek piece of all time since the majority of ancient Greek references to the size of the penis appeared to favor smaller penises; opposite to the modern societies. Lysistrata is typically modern, and this explains the big and meaty perception.

Apart from the writings, a lot of Greek sculptures and paintings depict men with small genitalia. One of the most popular interpretations of this pattern is that Greek preferred a smaller penis.

The Greeks weren't shy or embarrassed by expressing matters sex and penis in their artwork. The paintings and drawings carried men with small and big penises alike. Several deductions can be made from the vast array of XXX rated Greek artwork with respect to their preferred penis size.

In his landmark study of 1978, Kenneth Dover makes a few exciting conclusions. First and foremost, long and thick penises were seen as comic, grotesque or both- at least in the highbrow perspective. These penis sizes were mostly seen on ugly old men, fertility gods, half-animal critters, and barbarians. On the other hand, a circumcised penis was considered gross.

Secondly, Greek considered the ideal penis size as thin, small and one covered with a long tapered foreskin. According to Dover, the immature men equipment was admired in an extraordinary manner. This explains the scarcity of hair as well as the small penis size in the Greek classical artwork. A line from the Aristophanes comedy describes the most desirable masculine characteristics. Look at this:

"A gleaming chest, bright skin, broad shoulders, tiny tongue, strong buttocks, and a little prick."

This must have gotten you thinking- how times have changed! However, it is important for us to consider one of the contributing factors. Firstly, the models who posed for the artists were nude and secondly, their studios didn't have central heat.

However, all this changed during the 2nd half of the 19th century as photography and motion pictures gave way to the modern photography. Pornography has transformed the opinion that people have about penis size. No wonder men desire to have porn star penis and for them, the bigger, the better.

Regardless of what anyone says, you may want to consider making the most of what the heavens gave to you. You may want to forget all about the pills and penis enlargement surgeries. Try losing weight for yourself. Chances are, your woman falls in the 84% category and thus entirely comfortable with your penis.

The article above is provided by David. He is our
writer for male enhancement and sexual content.

“The past is a foreign country; they do things 
differently there.” ~Leslie Poles Hartley

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