Questions, Doubts And Worries About The Importance Of Penis Size

Today, more than ever, topics surrounding the penis are given increasing attention. I am talking about something that people wouldn't dare talk about in the last few decades. The dynamic nature of the world and the perception of individuals are to be blamed for this. Both men and women are nowadays willing to ask questions or discuss issues regarding the penis size and matters bedroom.

Penis size discussions are very sensitive, and they usually make the hair of the neck of every man stand up- just at the mention of it. Surprisingly, even men with potentially bigger penises feel insecure at times. This explains why they make comparisons in the urinals, in the locker rooms and even on the streets. It happens unconsciously, and one just can't help it. There is a deeper need for every man to establish where they fall with respect to the penis size.

One may wonder why men bother themselves with the question of penis size in the first place. Unfortunately, the masculinity of a man is judged based on their male genitalia. Apparently, the more endowed a man is, the more masculine he comes across. As unfortunate and illogical as this might sound, it is the reality of the world we are living. Men with the smaller penis are considered less masculine that makes them feel less of a man. Undoubtedly, their ego hurt considerably when their masculinity is rated low because of their apparent smaller penis.

Men are also worried about their ability to sexually satisfy their partners. As stated earlier, they thrive on ego. Nothing puts a woman down than the inability to please their partners. There is something I love about women- she will not tell you to your face that you aren't man enough unless she is a heartless bitch. She cares about your feelings and will at times fake orgasm to feed your ego.

I know this too well, and I am almost completely sure that you know it too. This brings us to another problem; a man will constantly worry whether his partner is genuinely satisfied or rather comfortable with his penis size. There is another challenge- you cannot ask her. What is a man supposed to do in such circumstances?

As a result, a lot of men have suffered in silence. They are usually afraid of discussing their problems, questions, worries, and doubts openly. They are not like their women counterparts who thrive on bringing out their problems in the open.

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The Internet wouldn't have come at a better time. A quick scan on the World Wide Web reveals a vast array of forums on the Internet and social media where men share their worries and questions regarding penis size. I took the time to study the information on the internet and found out that men are mostly concerned about particular issues.

  1. What do women think about penis size?

  2. Does the size of the penis matter for women?

  3. Is my penis size normal or too small?

  4. Does penis enlargement work?

  5. Is penis enlargement safe?

Apparently, there are all sorts of answers to these questions. Some sex experts advise that penis size doesn't really matter and that men should concentrate on other ways of enhancing their sexual performance. Others provide varying definitions of average penis sizes that differ widely. While some think that women don't care about the size of the penis, other findings reveal that women are concerned with the penis girth and not the penis length.

The fact that men ask about penis enlargement means that they are not comfortable with what they already have. On the other hand, studies show that approximately 87 percent of women are comfortable with the penis sizes of their men. As far as the safety of penis enlargement is concerned, there are varying responses given. Some websites promise male enhancement of up to four inches while others advise against this popular technique. Some sites guarantee their clients and readership that penis enlargement surgery is harmless and useful in enlarging dicks. There are all forms of testimonials on such sites encouraging people to try out penis enlargement surgery. Other sites are completely against the procedure- they portray it as harmful, painful and non-productive.

There is just too much information on the Internet regarding penis size for one person to synthesize. Facts have substantially been distorted, and so many misconceptions are now evident. With so much information on the internet, men are even more confused than ever. How do you determine which site or sex expert is telling the truth? It is extremely difficult for men to understand exactly what to believe and what not to believe. Consequently, the doubts, worries and questions hidden in their minds are yet to be addressed.

This distortion of facts and creation of misconception has given rise to yet another problem. The massive attention that the Internet has given the topic of penis size is itself problematic. The thoughts and emotions of men across the world are dominated by penis sizes. This is potentially dangerous for both men and women.

Men stuck in this situation have higher chances of experiencing strained relationships and emotional instability. Due to the never ending questions, doubts and worries, men are now held in this confusion. What is more, it is proving very difficult for them to escape. The majority of these men are suffering from penile inadequacy anxiety syndrome. The good news is that not all men with small penis suffer from this severe disease. You may have comfort with the knowledge that only 3 to 4 percent of men suffer from this anxiety syndrome. Look out for its signs and symptoms but have a test done first before reaching a conclusion.

When all is said and done, try not to worry about what your partner thinks of your penis size. Studies have shown that many women are comfortable with the penis sizes of their men. Besides, it's not always true that women like larger penises. Of utmost importance is to understand the sexual needs and fantasies of your partner and fulfill them. Women are emotional beings, and if you love them, she will certainly be triumphal with you.

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