How To Use A Small Penis Better

The average penis in the erect state is estimated to be somewhere between five and seven inches long. If you are among the millions of people who fall slightly short of this proven statistic, it is normal for you to have concerns and doubts about your penis size with respect to your sexual performance. Worry not: although it is true that size has its advantages, it isn't the length that matters most but the width. You must already have heard about the penis girth.

Further, a huge proportion of women don't specifically enjoy it when their cervices are rammed into- something that happens when a man is overly packaged between his legs. Quite frankly, there is really nothing sexy about going through painful intercourse. Unfortunately, many women across the world complain when the penis of their men is overly large.

In a recent research study, 87 percent of women admitted being happy and comfortable with the size of the partner's penis. Out of the women who weren't comfortable, 15 percent of them complained of their men's penis being either too large or too small. You see, a good number of women are happy with what their men are carrying. For all you know, your partner could happy too even if you think your penis is slightly smaller than the average size.

If you have a small penis how you make use of it makes the difference. You don't really need a larger penis for you and your partner to enjoy sex optimally. Here, you will find effective tips including a mind-blowing foreplay and the right sex styles and positions that will change your sex life for the better. It will surprise you how your small penis can give your woman even more pleasure than the guys she has been with who are well-endowed. Keep reading as we discuss things to do before making an entrance.

Things to do before making entrance

I will tell you something that you have probably heard but didn't believe it. There is more than meets the eye when it comes to sex. Fantastic sex goes beyond penetration, and the sooner you acknowledge, the better for you and your partner. A man with a smaller sized penis can take advantage of two important things; foreplay and the clitoris. Focussing on these two sexual elements can make the difference between giving your woman multiple orgasms and nothing at all. The closer your woman is to orgasm prior to the actual penetration, the simpler it will be for her to climax through one of the sex positions recommended below.

Having A Small Penis? Try Out These Sex Positions For Small Penis.

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Focusing on foreplay

This entails everything that your partner enjoys. While women across the world largely appreciate caressing, kissing and touching, explore other things too. Rocking her world is of the essence at that particular moment. For starters, some sexy pillow talk should do while ensuring to have her sex toys close. Of course, you should concentrate on foreplay activities with which your woman is entirely comfortable. Ensuring this is of utmost importance if you want her to the time of her life. Your intention should to sexually arouse so much so that she starts begging for that magical penetration.

The clitoris

The clitoris is one of the most critical hotspots for a woman. Prior to the penetration, spend some quality time rubbing her clitoris as much as she can withstand. You can do it either manually or orally. Whatever method you choose to use, do it in a manner that makes her climax at least once prior to intercourse. Unknown to most men, this goes a long way in alleviating potential performance anxiety that you might experience whenever you are ready to try one or various sex positions.

Sex styles appropriate for men with small penis

  1. The snake let your woman flat on her belly, legs closed and then place a pillow under her hips. With your knees bent and maintaining an upright position, straddle her hips. Put your penis behind her bottom, spread her thighs slightly and in a gentle manner sufficient to permit penetration and then make your way inside. Avoid imposing your weight on her during penetration as much as you can.

  2. The doggie style: this list of sex positions for the small penis will be incomplete without the doggie style. The head and shoulders of your woman should rest on a pillow, with a raised butt in the air. Further, her thighs should be drawn together, and her back arched. You may now enter from behind your legs must be opened. During penetration, lean forward and ensure to maintain close skin contact- it's important that you both feel each other's skin.

  3. V-Formation: with your woman lying on her back, proceed between her thighs and then penetrate as you usually do. Place her legs in the air and while holding her ankles, gently spread her legs apart to create a V-shape. Avoid imposing your weight on her during intercourse. You may choose to drape your woman's legs over your shoulder- this should help to keep the weight off her.

  4. The woman sitting: this sex position entails a man standing or kneeling as his partner sits on the edge of the bed. You will enter your partner at a slightly upward angle. This means that your penis will immediately or rather directly hit the upper wall of his woman's vagina.

Try these sex positions, and you will witness just how beautiful sex can become for you and your partner. Apart from these sex positions, there are other things that you can do to make better use of your small penis. First and foremost, try losing some weight especially if you consider yourself overweight. Being overweight can make your penis appear smaller compared to when you are slimmer. Secondly, apart from your penis, you can invest in sex toys that your partner finds comfortable. They will go a long way in complementing your penis during lovemaking.

Finally, love your woman, care for and make sure that she knows and feels that you are emotionally involved with her. She will certainly thank you for it.

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