Micropenis Causes And Treatment

Although a rare condition, micropenis usually happens to a few individuals. It is defined as a normally structured penis which is below the normal penis size range for an infant. In normal circumstances, the length of an infant's boy penis is usually between 2.8 and 4.2 centimetres (equivalent to 1.1 to 1.6 inches) in length. The penis girth is normally between 0.9 and 1.3 centimetres (equivalent to 0.35 and 0.5 inches). This penis measurement is usually taken by cautiously stretching the penis and then taking the readings from the penis tip to the penis base. A penis size measuring less than 1.9 centimetres is considered micropenis.

Among the adult men, the average size with the micropenis is normally less than two inches as far as length is concerned. The condition only happens in not more than one percent of the men population. Unfortunately, for the few men who suffer from this condition, it is very frustrating. The male population who suffer from this condition often has a complete set of male reproductive organ. The only difference they have with the rest of the men is that they have a small penis that at times doesn't include a shaft.

Regardless of the tiny penis, a good number of men suffering from micropenis are usually able to enjoy a fulfilling sex life. Others even go on to start families. However, for most of them, the stigma of possessing a small penis is what the problem becomes. Nevertheless, this can be resolved through counselling.

What causes micropenis?

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The condition can occur alone although it usually happens alongside other disorders. For instance, hormone disorders that result in the abnormal level of hormones responsible for the development and growth of sexual organs may be experienced together with micropenis. It may also involve the hypothalamus or pituitary gland.

Micropenis treatment

The primary goal of the micropenis treatment is to offer a body image that won't cause embarrassment for the patient whenever others take a look at their penises. Treatment is also sought in order to make it possible for the individual to have normal sexual function and also for them to urinate while standing up. In any case, just because you don't meet the average penile length enjoyed by a vast population of men doesn't necessarily make you a failure.

Micropenis treatment is a process that can begin early in the life of a man- while he is still a child. One of the treatment approaches entails testosterone stimulation, and it is only used when the condition is hormonal. This form of treatment is typically tried for three months in order to check if there is penile growth during that time. At times, the outcome of this treatment is a full penis size as well as proper functioning of the penis. In some instances, surgical reconstruction may be involved alongside hormonal treatments. Although considered a controversial method of treatment, gender reassignment may also be used. However, in such instances, psychological counselling is generally needed for the parents, the child and close members of the family.

For the individuals who don't receive treatment as children, penis enlargement surgery is a treatment option. Surgical procedures of penis enlargement are numerous including extension of either the penis girth or length. Most of the patients suffering from micropenis usually undergo penis enlargement for extending the length.

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