Ways You May Be Shortening Your Penis

It's no longer a secret that men do really worry about the size of their penis. Although most of them will never talk about it, it's true that most of them do pay attention to penis enlargement treatments and supplements. They will just do anything to find a permanent remedy for a short penis.

However, in as much as you are desperate to find the remedy for your shortened penis, there are various things that you need to know. Did you know that there are different ways that you may be shortening your penis? Well, maybe you didn't but there are different things that can cause your penis to shrink.

Majority of these causes mostly have to do with the damaging of the veins and blood flow into the penis issues. Here is what you need to know about the kind of things you might be doing that are contributing to the shortening of your penis.

Certain Medications

Medication used to treat high-blood pressure and depressions are known to lessen or prevent blood flow in the penis. Lack of blood flow in the penis is one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction. Therefore, you need to talk to your doctor firstbefore starting your medication in order to be aware of the effects.


According to research, smoking can cause penis shrinkage by a centimetre or two. What happens is that smoking causes calcification of blood vessels that causes a decrease in blood flow in the penis. If you want to maintain the original size of your manhood, then you need to stop smoking.

Medical Conditions

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There are certain medical conditions that affect the blood flow in the penis. Such conditions include diabetes and high cholesterol levels. Specific medications used to treat such health conditions can also limit the blood flow in your penis.

Bicycle Riding

According to medical research, riding a bicycle can put pressure on the pelvis in such a way that it can damage the blood vessels and the nerves. The pelvis is a part of the body that contains blood vessels and nerves that connect to the penis. If a lot of pressure is exerted to the pelvis, then severe damage of the penis can occur. This usually causes a reduction in size and erection difficulties.

Weight Gain

Apparently, most men have no idea that weight can cause a reduction in penis size. Although it might not really reduce its size, it can appear to be small in size visually due to the high amount of fat around the pubic area.

The fat generally exerts much weight on the scrotum, thus making it appear shorter in size.

The other reason is that being obese can limit blood flow in the in the penis due to the high pressure exerted. This causes some men to have difficulties achieving firm erections.

It's good to try and lose weight in order to avoid penis reduction. Furthermore, weight reduction not only helps keep your penis's size intact, but also improves the overall health of your body.

Other causes of penis reduction include health conditions such as diabetes, prostate cancer, Peyronies disease, genetics, and other related illnesses.

If by any chance you find that your penis is shrinking, you should consider consulting a doctor immediately in order to control the problem early enough. Above all, you should stop all those activities that cause penis reduction.

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