Recovery After Penis Enlargement Surgery

Apart from pre-operative instructions, your surgeon will advise you accordingly on what to expect after the operation. When going through the healing process, several important factors must be put into consideration. It is important for you to ensure that these instructions are followed to the latter to ensure a comfortable time during recovery. Additionally, having an idea of what to expect is of the essence so that you can know exactly how to handle any eventualities.

  1. Don't engage in physical activities

Avoid lifting heavy objects or engaging in strenuous activities within one month after the penile surgery. As far as sexual intercourse is concerned, you will need to wait for four to six weeks following surgery. If everything has worked well, you shouldn't experience reduced sexual performance or even inability to urinate. Nevertheless, it will take approximately three to six months before complete results of the surgery are seen.

  1. Massaging the penis and hygiene

The penis must be kept clean and dry after the surgery. This is particularly true when the male member is in the process of healing. It is important to avoid putting water on the penis area- it must be kept as dry as possible to prevent infections. Make use of a sponge or flannel to clean the penis instead of having a shower. Wait until one month is over before you can go swimming or even participate in any kind of sport. Massaging your penis daily using Vaseline will help to prevent lumps from forming in the area. It also assists to stop your cock from becoming lop-sided.

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  1. Recovery

Don't worry; your penis will regain its normal functionality after the surgery. There is nothing to worry about the ability to urinate or even erect. You might experience slight pain when you erect. However, the pain is usually mild and goes away real quick. As long as you observe cleanliness, massage your penis on a daily basis and avoid engaging in strenuous activities for the stipulated period, the healing process should happen quickly.

Penis enlargement surgery is a relatively simple procedure and the recovery time is quite fast. It is, however, crucial for you to remember that it is still an operation nevertheless. This means that there can always be potential side effects as well as complications. Although very rare, the risks involved include infection, bleeding and adverse reaction to anaesthesia. Some men may experience numbness, swelling and bruising immediately after the surgery. Don't worry though; this should subside in just a few days.

Typically, penis enlargement surgery has a pretty short downtime after it has been performed. For men looking forward to fat transfers, a 24 hours rest is needed after the procedure. On the other hand, a ligament release requires two days of rest, after which you can resume work. Although you can return to work after 48 hours, avoid the gym for at least one week.

When to engage in sexual intercourse

This is perhaps the biggest question that men ask after undergoing penile surgery. Well, there is some good news. You won't have to wait too long to reveal your new wiener to your partner. If it's a fat transfer, wait until the lapse of one week to have sex. If you have had a ligament, you must be patient for four weeks.

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