Preparing For Penis Enlargement Surgery

One of the most important steps of penis enlargement surgery is preparing for the same. Like any other surgery, your surgeon will explain the dos and don'ts several days or weeks before the actual day of the surgery. Of course, the success of penis enlargement surgery is primarily dependent on the reputation and experience of the surgeon. In that regard, be careful on the doctor you choose. There are so many of them in the industry- a good number of them aren't adequately trained or qualified. Take note of this in your search.

Well, should you manage to find a credible surgeon, he or she will inform of the necessary preparations. Below are some of the things that the doctor will touch:

  1. Blood thinning medications: a few days before the surgery (recommended by the surgeon) your doctor will request you not to take blood thinning drugs such as aspirin. These types of drugs usually increase the risk of bruising as well as swelling. If this happens, you better heed to the advice of the doctor if you want everything to turn out perfect.

  2. Eating and drinking: a few hours prior to the surgery, the doctor will request you to refrain from eating or drinking anything. This happens on the actual day of the appointment. The same thing happens with the local anaesthesia.

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  3. Smoking: this is a lifestyle habit that people are warned against in the world of medicine. As a matter of fact, individuals who are under penis enlargement programs are usually encouraged to quit smoking in order to accelerate the process of increasing the penis length. Several weeks before the actual appointment date, the doctor will request you to stop smoking. Unfortunately, you cannot be operated on if you don't quit. Further, you will be required to wait several weeks after the surgery before you can begin smoking again. Smoking has the effect of decelerating the healing process. It also increases the risk of suffering an infection. In that regard, if you are planning to undergo penile surgery, try to reduce consumption of cigarettes as early as now.

  4. Travel and surgery don't combine well. As a matter of fact, it is a recipe for disaster. In that case, you may want to consider finding someone to drive you, to and from the clinic. Your surgeon will advise you accordingly as far as this is concerned.

  5. Take some time off work: after the surgery, it is important for you to make things easy. The doctor will advise you on the number of days you may be needed to rest and go through the healing process. Be prepared to take at least one week off work. Also, unless you normally have some help in your house, you may want to ensure that you have enough groceries and food. This is mainly because; you aren't supposed to engage in demanding activities after the operation.

Basically, these are the standard preparations that any surgeon will recommend. There are numerous others that he or she will discuss with you. To ensure maximum success, you must show the readiness to follow the instructions provided to you.

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