Does Penis Enlargement Surgery Really Work?

Almost every man is concerned about the size of his penis. A good number of men are uncomfortable with the size of their male members and wish they were big. This is true even for men who are apparently average sized. Unfortunately, the society, unconsciously judges the masculinity of a person based on how they are packaged between the legs. Men who are well endowed are respected more than the ones who are perceived to have small dicks. Men with small penises experience problems of low self confidence levels. They feel inadequate as far as satisfying their partner is concerned. As a result, some of these men are willing to do whatever it takes to enlarge their cocks.

Penile enlargement surgery is among the options considered by men. The drive to have a bigger penis must be really intense as to warrant going under the knife. One of the questions commonly asked is whether the penile surgery actually works? If you are wondering about the same thing, you have come to the right place.

To put you at ease, it is imperative for me to state, at this point that, penis surgery provides a permanent solution to enlargement of the male organ. Indeed, the penis is visually increased, by over one inch. The surgeon usually cut the ligaments that hold the dick in its usual positions and consequently permitting it to descend. When the doctor conducts this type of operation, the patient is required to use stretching devices or weights a few months later. This is done to effect permanent penile size increase. This procedure may cause tissue scaring, the erection may begin to point downwards and the base becomes hairy. This operation is primarily performed to increase penile length.

The Dermal implant is another surgical technique aimed at increasing the penis girth and length. Here, fat cells are transplanted from other parts of the body and to the wiener. Since the penis head cannot be increased, the outcome can appear rather odd- visually. Nevertheless, many men agree to have the procedure performed on them just to have a lengthier and thicker penis.

At times, distribution of the cells that have been grafted might result in clumps. This in turn results in a penis that is far from being smooth. Unless a surgeon has established enough and good therapeutic reasons, a urologist will not agree to perform this kind of surgery.

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As much as penis enlargement surgery really does work, there is post surgery complications involved- just like any other form of surgery. The risks involved are both physical and psychological. For starters, it is important to understand that male enhancement surgery doesn't satisfy everyone. Sometimes, patients of penis surgery have too high expectations so that, they become frustrated when such expectations are not met. Secondly, anxiety is possible with the fantasy or pleasure of the larger male member.

Thirdly, during penis enlargement, it's possible for things to go wrong although very rarely. Some of these complications and risks include:

  • Post surgery infections

  • Tissue and nerve damage of the surrounding area

  • Anaesthesia side effects

It may take you some time before you can begin engaging in sexual relations, particularly if you have had a dermal implant. You may also be required to stay away from the gym and other strenuous activities for several weeks to allow healing. Nevertheless, your surgeon will advise you accordingly before and after surgery to ensure successful penis enlargement with minimal or no complications.

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