Penis Pump Vs Pills – Comparison

There are two types of penis pumps- air based and water based pumps. Regardless, theoretically, they operate in the same way. When pumping, they both cause increased flow of blood to the male member. Over time, the cock stretches and becomes bigger. In my opinion, water based penis pumps are safer and normally deliver better results compared to air-based pumps. Nevertheless, air based pumps also deliver good results. While penis pumps actually deliver, perhaps, desired goals, it's entirely different when compared to penis pills.

The majority of men of different ages from all walks of life prefer penis pills to penis pumps. Surprised? It is for good and explainable reasons that are discussed below.

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  1. Convenience: penis pills can be taken at any time, regardless of where a person is. Further, the instructions are plain simple and thus easy to follow. Unlike penis pumps, you aren't required to wear anything. This means that there are no chances of being afraid that someone could notice something under your clothes. Besides, penis pills are easily accessible- they are available even in your local pharmacy.

    Further, when it comes to the use of penis pumps, the user isn't allowed to apply pressure to any part of the wiener. Excessive pressure on the cock may result in swells, blisters as well as red spots. Further, you have the responsibility of keeping it clean at all times to prevent bacteria that can grow without your knowledge. Also, you are required to wear it discreetly at home or somewhere else where privacy is guaranteed.

  2. Privacy and flexibility: penis pumps are too demanding as far as privacy is concerned. In many instances, it's preferable to wear the device in the comfort of your home. Unfortunately, you can hardly sit at home for four to six hours daily. This means that the users are forced to wear the penis device under the pants and then go on with their daily lives.

    Of course, for a period of approximately six months, you will live in constant fear of someone noticing that you are wearing something under your pants. This can be very uncomfortable. On the other hand, with pills, there is no much privacy needed. In fact, it's the surest way of ensuring that no one learns about your pursuit for a bigger cock. In any case, no one asks anyone why they are taking medications- considering the various supplements available on the market today. It's even possible for you to hide your penis enlargement program from your partner effortlessly. The same cannot be said about penis pumps.

  3. Safety: one of the most factors to consider when choosing a method of penis enlargement is your safety. Overuse or improper use of pumps could lead to damages and injuries to your schlong. On the other hand, the instructions provided for pills are plain and simple. This means that, unless you want to take an overdose, nothing could go wrong. Further, as long as you have chosen effective and genuine pills, there is really nothing to worry about.

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