Natural Penis Enlargement Starter Exercises – Warming Up

When we talk about penis exercises, it entails conducting various physical activities on your male member. It is a practice that has been in existence for the longest time in the history of penis enlargement. Penis exercises comprise of different types of physical activities. However, before you perform these exercises, there is a need to engage in penis warm-ups.

Penis warm-ups are recommended for ensuring that your penis can handle stretching without suffering injuries. Besides, warm-ups help the male member to reap optimum benefits from the exercises. Let us look at some of the most common starter activities. They include:

  • A heatable rice sock

  • Squeezing the penis with a towel soaked in hot water

  • Source of heat such as infrared lamp and

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Heating the towel

The use of a hot towel is the easiest as well as the most popular method of warming up your penis. It entails the use of a small towel or face cloth. The piece of cloth should be soaked in hot, yet not scalding water. Wring the piece of fabric, and then wrap it around the penis as well as the testicles. Make sure that both the testicles and the penis are completely covered by the cloth. The discomfort felt from the heat is once you wrap the penis disappears almost immediately. Of course, you must check the temperature of the soaked towel- you don’t want to burn your penis.

Warm up using an infrared lamp

First and foremost, make sure that the testicles are covered with a sock or any other type of fabric. It is encouraged for the purpose of protecting your sperm. Generally, sperm dies at body temperature. The exposure of testicles to infrared light only causes temporary effects to your sperm count. Regardless, staying safe is crucial. Besides, you don’t want your generation to end with you! A sock is incredibly useful because it tightly covers the testicles. Besides, slippage is avoided when you are performing penis exercises.

Next, set up the lamp several inches away from your male member – say 18 inches away. Placing it any closer than this, will give you nothing short of burns. For this reason, keep it as far as advised as you will still get a good warm –up. Heat your penis with the infrared lamp for about 5 to 10 minutes to have your penis thoroughly warmed up. After you are done, don’t waste time; begin your penis enlargement exercises immediately.

Heated rice sock

This is my personal favorite; particularly because it is inexpensive. You can easily make one using the items in your home. The only things that you need are raw rice, a microwave as well as a sock. Fill the sock with about one or two cups of rice and then tie it at the end. Put the sock filled with rice in the microwave and set the timer at 90 seconds. While the microwave is heating up the rice sock, also put a cup of water inside the microwave. The objective is to have the heated water humidified making it more efficient as you apply it to your manhood.

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