Five Amazing Penis Facts

Look at the following penis facts that will blow your mind.

  1. The foreskin contains a lot of Langerhans cells

The Langerhans cells are actually the immune systems that are usually infiltrated by HIV. You must already have heard that circumcised men have lower chances of contracting the AIDS virus. Apparently, the circumcised men in Africa who engages in heterosexual sex possess a 60 percent lower rate of contracting HIV infection. Approximately one-third of the male population across the world have had their foreskin removed. Circumcision is commonly performed for various reasons ranging from religious to culture and even hygiene reasons.

The judgements regarding whether or not circumcision is good differ considerably. However, to a large extent, it is agreed that the removal of the foreskin reduces penis sensitivity. Whatever the case, at least we know that circumcised men have fewer chances of being infected with HIV. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean that you should be careless. Anyone can catch the virus.

  1. Penises too can suffer from fracture

Yes, it happens. One may think that the stories about guys breaking their dicks are actually crazy. Let me make something clear from the onset, the human penis doesn't have any bones. It is composed of fibrous tissue which holds blood and consequently making it erect. Penis trauma and fracture occurs on the outermost tissue of the penis. This is usually as a result of aggressive sex where the penis hits the cervical bone of the woman hard.

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Improper or excessive use of penis enlargement devices such as extenders can also result in a penis fracture. In that case, go easy on such devices. Penis fracture should be treated to avoid possible scar tissue or the more severe Peyronie's disease. You don't want your penis to lose its straight shape.

  1. The health of your penis is dependent on your physical health

Have you been having a hard time trying to keep it up lately? You may want to consider evaluating your lifestyle. If you have put on some weight, shed it off. Heavier men tend to have lower levels of testosterone that may contribute to erectile dysfunction. Also, you need to make sure that you are getting enough sleep to avoid adverse effects on your erections.

  1. Cigarettes cause penis shortening

This is scary- but it is actually the truth of the matter. Apart from making your penis appear shorter, cigarettes screw with your libido. At some point, you may have to deal with the problems of weaker erections. Typically, cigarette smoking is known to constrict the blood vessels. In turn, the blood flow to the penis area doesn't happen as it should. Clearly, the last thing anyone wants is to experience less powerful erections or low libido.

  1. You cannot judge the size of an erect penis from its flaccid size

The penis size of a guy in soft state cannot be used to predict its erect size. There are two types of penises- growers and showers. The showers only increase a little bit when erect. On the other hand, growers increase substantially when erect. A study published in the Journal of sex research revealed that small penises grow much bigger when erect compared to penises that are typically large when flaccid. Interesting, right?

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