Types Of Penis Enlargement Pumps

Penis pumps are among the most popular devices used by men for the purpose of penis enlargement. Originally, they were designed to help in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Nowadays, men use them to solve a range of their sexual health problems. If you are planning to shop for one, it is imperative for you to understand the numerous types available in the market available. By knowing the existing differences between them, the process of choosing the right one should be made easier.

Here, we consider types of penis enlargement pumps available on the market. They include:

  • Electric penis pump

  • Air pumps

  • Water pumps

  • Hand pumps and

  • Squeeze balls

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Air pumps

Air pumps are the most regularly sold gadgets of this sort, and make suction just through the creation of a vacuum. Just like the name of the gadget suggests, air from the chamber is removed once the device is fixed at the base of the penis. While successful, the utilization of air pumps can prompt over pumping. This causes a soft and spongy and at times painful erection which can demand a trip to your doctor.

Water pumps

Water pumps work in almost the same manner as air pumps, only that they depend on a chamber loaded with water to make the vacuum. Usually, water doesn't compress, so the measure of vacuum is constrained. Nevertheless, water based pumps offer the added advantage of facilitating a more secure as well as effective suction. Instead of pulling generally on the tissues like an air pump does, the water based pump makes an enduring, even suction that energizes new tissue development when used constantly. This explains why a good number of men often opt for water based pumps.

Electric pump

Compared to other types of penis pumps, this is the most commonly available one in the market. It has a more progressed, or rather sophisticated design. It has a feature that allows the controllable level of suction. This means that you may increase vacuum in the device to facilitate successful penis enlargement. Further, the users can benefit from the hands-free pumping option which in turn increases your chances of having a more powerful and longer lasting erection.

Hand penis pumps

This penis pump is thought to be the best variety of the gadget. In spite of the fact that it is to some degree like the past kinds already specified, the fortunate thing about utilizing this is you have vastly improved control over the pressure generated. You get the opportunity to manage the amount of vacuum there is due to the handgrip feature- making it a remarkable choice for many who are looking for a penis pump.

Squeeze ball

This is the last item on our list for today. It is also among the most common kinds of penis enlargement pumps that are made available in the market. It almost resembles the squeeze balls used by people to calm anxiety. However, in this case, their primary purpose is to build the stream of blood in your corpora cavernosa. These are the penis chambers that are filled with blood when you are having an erection. The balls are squeezed in order to dispose air from the tubes and consequently creating a vacuum to improve the size of your manhood.

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