Penis Pumps For Erectile Dysfunction

What is erectile dysfunction? Popularly known as impotence, erectile dysfunction is the inability of an individual to obtain and maintain an erection. As you can almost imagine, it is usually a very traumatising experience. Unfortunately, this is a very common condition specifically in older men. Approximately a half of all the men aged between 40 and 70 years suffer from erectile dysfunction to a certain extent.

If the statistics of the Journal of the American medical association is anything to go by, the situation is pretty serious. Apparently, 31 percent of adult men usually experience some form of sexual inability. This should be taken as a red flag for more severe psychological or physical health problems.

In the United States, impotence has become such a prominent problem among adult men. Individuals suffering from this condition are more likely suffering from general health issues, depression or the lack of a sense of well-being in general.

Where does sexual dysfunction come from? For starters, it is important to acknowledge the fact that sexual inability contains a social component. This is primarily because it has been shown to adversely impact the self-esteem, performance at work as well as the social interaction of a man, among numerous other things- more so when an intimate partner is in the picture. One of the top reasons why couples file for divorce has to do with physical intimacy.

A lot of the misunderstandings, as well as mental suffering related to erectile dysfunction, originates from the fact that victims fail to seek the assistance of medical professionals. They feel that impotence is a highly sensitive topic of discussion. A person who has suffered from erectile dysfunction can attest to this. However, it is imperative that you find help to this problem as soon as possible.

Penis pumps and erectile dysfunction

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Originally, penis pumps were designed to assist individuals suffering from impotence. Nowadays, men are using it to resolve their penis size problems. Upon consulting your physician regarding your erectile dysfunction, he or she will advise you on the best approach to treating it.

Most probably, you have already heard about penis pumps and are already considering investing in one. Well, prior to doing so, it is highly advisable that you get a go ahead from your doctor. He or she will evaluate your medical history before advising in favor or against penis pump usage to treat erectile dysfunction. There are some individuals who just cannot use penis pumps, lest they invite more trouble, as far as their health is concerned.

For instance, a man suffering from any blood-related disorder shouldn't make use of a penis pump. Other times when a penis pump isn't recommended include:

- When taking blood thinning medications such as Plavix and Warfarin

- If you have a spinal cord injury

At times, men tend to believe that they have an erectile dysfunction while it is just a temporary problem. It is important that you consult your doctor to obtain a correct diagnosis.

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