Tips For Using A Penis Pump Safely

If you are reading this, it is most probably because you have already decided to give penis pump a try. Well, good for you. Safety is a top priority in the world of penis enlargement. It goes without saying that you are handling a very sensitive part of your body. The last thing anyone ever wants is for something to go wrong.

When using a penis pump, especially for the beginners, the importance of familiarising oneself with safety precautions cannot be overemphasised. Here are a few yet important safety features that you would want to keep into consideration.

First and foremost, your penis pump must come with a quick release valve. Apparently, this is the most important feature of a penis pump. It is simply a button place on the hose that attaches the bulb or trigger to the tube. However, the position of the release valve will vary from one device to another. Some devices have the quick release valve placed on the tube. When you press the quick release button, it floods the tube of the penis pump with air. This in turn automatically breaks the device's vacuum tight seal. This way, you are able to remove your penis safely, when you are done pumping- and if a problem arises.

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Just make sure that the penis pump that you are about to purchase has this standard feature. Should anything happen, and the quick release valve isn't there, the only way out would be to cut the pump. Obviously, you don't want to see a sharp knife near your penis- it spells doom. For this reason, make sure that you have sourced a safe penis pump.

Prior to engaging in penis pumping, cut the hair around the penis area- lest the hair gets pulled into the cylinder. You don't want to bear this kind of pain. Besides, shaving also provides a good seal.

Thirdly, before every penis pumping sessions, it is advisable that you perform relevant penis exercises such as jelqing. This is done to stimulate the flow of blood in the penis area. Doing this helps to minimise the risks of potential damage when you are pumping your penis. If you don't feel like engaging in penis exercises, you may want to consider using a towel soaked in hot water. Wrap around your penis for around two minutes. Repeat this act after pumping the penis for around ten minutes. You need to take three minutes breaks during every session where you warm up your penis. During this time, you also need to clean or rather the penis pump cylinder using hot water.

Fourthly, prior to penis pumping, and while massaging or doing penis exercise, don't use the penis pump until your penis obtains semi or full erection. Use some Vaseline to allow an easy slide of the cylinder. You are only supposed to increase the pressure until some discomfort is felt- and not pain. Raising pressure to a level of feeling pain might expose you to the risk of suffering irreversible penis damage. The objective is to avoid overusing the device.

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