Penis Patch Ingredients

Penis enlargement patches are well known for their effectiveness. Apart from enlarging the male members, they are known for improving the overall sexual performance of an individual. Specifically, they help to get rid of premature ejaculation, erectile problems, low libido as well as low sex drive. Penis enlargement patches have the potential to cause, what I would call a revolution, in your bedroom performance.

What are the powerful ingredients contained in penis patches? Let us consider the most common one, as well as the role they play in penis enlargement.

Korean Ginseng

The roots of Korean Ginseng are extracted to be included in the penis enlargement patches ingredients. This active ingredient is known to contain aphrodisiac powers. Further, it promotes additional energy, besides boosting both mental and physical stamina. Gingsenoside is typically the key ingredient responsible for raising the flow of blood to the brain. It also has a reputation for raising the sperm levels. This explains why it usually forms one of the essential ingredients in the majority of herbal penis formulations for penis pills and patches.

Gingko Biloba

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This is a plant extract that helps to improve the quality of erections by raising the flow of blood. Clinical trials have revealed that this extract assists in the relaxation of the muscles in the penis chambers known as corpus cavernous. In turn, the high flow of blood improves the strength of erections as well as the sexual performance of the user. Besides helping in male enhancement, it’s also considered a fundamental ingredient for enhancing vitality, mental alertness as well as the general circulation of blood.

Horny Goat weed

If you read about epimedium sagittatum, we are reading from the same script. This is among the most widely known and used penis supplement in the world of male sexual health. It has the unique potential of raising levels of nitric oxide and relaxing the smooth penis muscles. It also loved for its abilities to free up testosterone which increases not only sex drive but also endurance.


The East Asians have known this ingredient for many years. They use it to enhance their sex drive as well as energy. Ginseng usually has a direct impact on the central nervous system and the tissues of the testicles. Besides, it has also helped men who have difficulties obtaining an erection. Basically, different types of Ginseng are used to treat cases of sexual dysfunction. Other benefits of Ginseng include their potential to improve the user energy levels (during sex), improved motility of the sperms and numerous other advantages. Specifically, it’s known for improving sexual performance and stamina. If it is used in the right amounts, Ginseng can significantly generate a lot of healthy sensations and improved performance in the bedroom.


Yohimbine is an extremely powerful ingredient extracted from the bark of an African tree. It is so powerful that doctors even prescribe it for their patients who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. An alkaloid, Yohimbine is usually used as a dietary supplement and also in the treatment of diabetes which is commonly responsible for causing impotence.

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