Paying For Penis Enlargement Surgery

How much does penis enlargement cost? Is it covered by NHS? These are some of the questions that men ask when intending to go the surgery way. Penis enlargement surgery is among the most promising methods of male enhancement. This is the number one reason why men consider it in the first place. Another advantage of penis enlargement surgery is the fact that, it isnít as demanding as other PE products. In other words, there isnít a lot of commitment and dedication needed on the part of the patient. You just have to follow the pre-operative instructions which arenít excessively as demanding as you would expect with other methods of penis enlargement such as enlargement devices.

However, penis enlargement surgery also offers a major drawback for some people- especially individuals who are financially constrained. First and foremost, surgery is a quite an expensive procedure. Generally, any surgery is expensive- including male enhancement surgery. The cost of penis surgery usually range from approximately £1000 to £5000 on the high end- and sometimes even more. The amount you are charged by your surgeon will depend on some factors such as his experience in the industry, and the kind of reputation he enjoys. Renowned surgeons tend to charge higher than the rest. Also, the state of the facility significantly determines how much one pays for the penis surgery. Other factors include whether itís done locally or abroad and the type of surgery being performed.

Speaking of types of surgery, there are two of them; penis lengthening and penis widening. The former entails increasing the length of the penis and the widening involves increasing the penis girth. Penis lengthening is more expensive than widening. On average, patients should expect to pay an estimate of £3500 to £5000 for penis lengthening and between £1000 and £2500 for penis girth increase. If you wish to combine both types of penis enlargement surgery, you should be willing to spend not less than £5000. Men are usually advised to have both surgeries combined (for people looking for girth and length increase) to minimize the cost. When done under one session, it is usually cheaper than having them during two different sessions.

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So, how do you pay for penis enlargement surgery?

Most of the time, individuals have had to dig deep into their pockets to cater for surgery fees. Unfortunately, you cannot rely on NHS to cater for the penis surgery charges. The only time NHS can intervene is when there is a justified medical need. Only on very rare occasions has the NHS been received in cases of male enhancement surgery.

Nevertheless, you are highly recommended to speak to your general practitioner. He or she is in a better position to keep you informed regarding this issue. If your doctor feels that your case warrants funding from NHS, he or she will make the necessary referrals. If otherwise, you will have to use your finances to fund the surgery Ė should you still desire to go ahead with it. Whatever you do, be keen on finding a good cosmetic surgeon. Surgeries can be perilous, finding the right surgeon goes a long way in minimising the risks involved. Besides, you donít want to leave your male member in the hands of someone you just canít trust.

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