Do Natural Penis Enlargement Exercise Really Work?

If you are weighing the various methods of male enhancement, you must already have heard about natural penis enlargement exercises. At the very least, you are wondering whether they really do work. Well, it's normal for you to have doubts particularly because they aren't as complicated as other methods such as penis surgery, pumps, and extenders and so on. Well, the truth of the matter is, if approached correctly, penis enlargement exercises can actually assist you to have a bigger dick.

How do natural penis exercises increase the size of the penis?

Well, it's pretty straightforward. The male member comprises of three chambers of spongy tissue that usually absorb blood reaching the cock from the circulatory system. As the chambers are filled with blood, the penis attains erections. When the natural exercises are done on a continuous basis and accurately, the chambers expand.

The expansion allows the chambers to absorb bigger amounts of blood which consequently leads to increased penis size. Apparently, the primary purpose of these exercises is typically to cause a tensile strength. They stretch the tissues responsible for erections with the tensile strength leading to the increased growth of the tissues, overtime. As the tissues tear and grow back, the wiener becomes thicker and longer.

Jelqing is the natural method of penis enlargement exercises. If started by men during their early teens, this method can enlarge the male member by over 3 inches lengthwise and 1 inches in terms of penis girth. This happens when the process is started during teenage years and continued into adulthood after which the sessions are decreased to just once weekly.

How does jelqing work?

It works in the following ways:

  • Causes increased flow of blood into the corpora cavernosa which enhances the growth of penis shaft cells

  • Jelqing tears down the fibres of the muscles. While at rest, the tissues usually grow stronger as well as larger

  • The exercise leads to increased blood flow to the penis which increases it in size

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You must already be wondering when you will start to notice penis size difference. Well, after five weeks of continuous penis enlargement exercise, you will see a small increase in your penis size. However, you will not see any visible changes for six months. Nevertheless, after one year, you should be in a position to recognise an increase of approximately 3 inches in the penis size. Additionally, the erection should have become much stronger.

Of utmost importance is to ensure that jelqing method is approached in the right manner. This will go a long way in ensuring that you obtain optimal penis gain. Below are some effective tips:

  • Prior to starting the exercise, ensure to warm up the penis with hot cloths

  • Engage in jelqing for approximately 20 to 25 minutes every session

  • Always perform the exercises with your penis in a semi erect state

  • Having slight bruises and red bumps on the penis head is a regular thing and they will heal spontaneously.

  • The exercise should be started slowly and then increased gradually

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Master The Basics

Fortunate are you guys, to have all the available online resources, tips, and secrets, to teach you everything about women's anatomy, and the ways to make her beg for more. So, it's always advisable to utilize these sources and master the bedroom skills.

Don't you feel the need for it? If that's a no, then it's possibly because you might have watched porn, and already had experiences with few girls. Indeed, with experience, there comes the skill. You are simply mistaken if you have guided yourself with the practice they show in porn films. So, it's much more beneficial to utilize the e-books, helpful websites, and your own ways off course, to master the basic tips that work alike for most of the women.

Get A Professional Massage

The idea is to get rid of stress and feel relaxed. One who is stressed, as is the case with most men and women in the present scenario, suffers with libido loss and hence he/she leads a poor sex life. So, it's advisable to pay a visit to any professional masseuse, at times, and get yourself a relaxing massage that would relax and rejuvenate you both physically and mentally.

Such a massage has its own significance. However, you also have the option of getting an erotic massage, from your partner, before making love to her/him. Let her/him try his/her pleasing efforts, to sooth you, to arouse you, and to get naughty with you.

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