How Penis Extenders Differ – Revealed

Among the things that consumers of penis extenders should know is that the different products available in the market usually differ – some even considerably. It explains why one product might be more expensive than the other, yet they serve the same purpose. For starters, there is a need to appreciate the fact that the number of the manufacturer in the penis enlargement industry is growing at a considerable rate. Therefore, the inevitable struggle to remain in the market, besides the need to attract a huge following, forces these producers to think of ways of making their products stand out from the rest in the best way possible. This is the number one source of the sometimes apparent differences in the penis extenders you see on the Internet.

If you have not noticed much difference yet, keep reading to learn some of the things that make these products differ. This information will simplify your selection process considerably.

Nature of attachment

One of the things that dictate the effectiveness of a penis extender is the manner in which it holds the penis in place. Some manufacturer use straps, also known as comfort straps, while others choose to use band-aid support. The latter are said to cause some level of discomfort and also requires the user to keep readjusting it. Band-aid support is, therefore, unappealing, and its inclusion in a penis extender may render the device less effective compared to those spotting comfort straps. Considered the best option, comfort straps are usually attached in a secure manner and have the strength to endure much tension compared to the flat strap, and therefore, capable of delivering better results.

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The material used

This element determines how useful the device is. Poor quality products are normally made of sturdy materials that snap at the slightest provocation. Such products will break down within the first few sessions. On the other hand, penis extenders made using medically approved materials are not only safe but also long lasting. They do not break easily, rust, or corrode. These materials, combined with silicone straps or pads make the best products in the market. Choose a penis extender whose side bars are made using strong, yet lightweight materials like aluminum. It makes it possible for you to wear the penis extender comfortably throughout the day without anyone noticing.

Additional features

Genuine manufacturers of penis extenders are always interested in improving their products to meet the needs of their customers. Apart from the safety and effectiveness aspects, they want to make sure that users experience the most comfort. As such, they look for ways of enhancing the penis extenders by including additional features of comfort that are absent in other products. Since one has to wear an extender for such a long time during the day, he will appreciate even a little sense of comfort. If this is what you are looking for, be on the lookout for high-end products offered by reputable sellers/manufacturers.

These are some of the ways through which different brands of penis extenders differ.

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