Penis Traction Using A Penis Extender

A penis extender is a device made of bars and two tying points that are used for male enhancement exercise. The user is supposed to adjust the bars so as to achieve the length and the thickness he desires. Extenders offer the safest non-surgical male enhancement that is far much better than operation. By ensuring growth in length and girth, the amount of blood flowing to the manhood will increase hence increasing sexual appetite and performance in bed.

Penis traction guarantees a permanent growth. This device pulls the penis steadily. The muscles then stretch making the cells and tissues to break down as a result of pressure exerted on them when stretching. Biologically, cell division and multiplication will occur so that duplication and replication to replace the broken cells that were destroyed during stretching take place.

The process of multiplication and cell division is referred to as cytokinesis. Cytokinesis on the shaft of the penis is really fast since it has many cells to ensure success in the healing process. Once the results are seen, nothing will reduce the length and the width that has already been achieved. The penis growth is long-lasting.

A penis extender is not surgical. There is no operation carried out on the penis to increase its size and shape. Growth is achieved by stretching and constant adjustment, a process that is not painful since the user is the one that is adjusting for himself. Since there is no operation, there is no risk of getting an infection as there is no internal part exposed. This guarantees the process as the safest method of male enhancement because there are no complications connected to it.

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Penis traction devices are very effective. When pulling occurs, ligaments are stretched such that a few inches of the shaft that is coiled inside come out. Contrary to surgery which causes scarring of tissues and the penis to move back inside, the use of stretchers ensures that the ligaments are pulled out and in so doing, lengthening the penile shaft.

The process is very effective and efficient in exposing the penis that is normally hidden by pulling out the suspensory ligaments thereby making the increase in length to be seen. This increase will only be noticed if an individual uses the stretchers for an average of four to six hours in a day for a couple of months.

An increase in length and thickness of the penis is achieved naturally through a moderate application of pressure which causes tension and stretching of the tissues and ligaments that were otherwise hidden near the scrotum. This process, therefore, is cheap once the extender devices have been purchased. There are no milestones when achieving enhancement through the use of extenders since the user knows when to stretch and the far he can stretch.

Penis traction plays a vital role in dealing with conditions such as Peyronie’s disease and erectile dysfunction. A person suffering from Peyronie’s disease has an abnormal curvature on the shaft of the penis. Such a curvature is not pleasing and when it is severe, it makes it impossible to have an intercourse. Stretching the manhood enables one to get stronger and firmer erections thereby dealing with sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction.

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