Water Pumps - The Latest Penis Enlargement Craze

The search for male enhancement methods that work is getting more insane! Water pumps are the newest forms of enhancement. These pumps were developed from the olden vacuum pumps. These new devices enable the penile shaft to increase both in length and thickness. Water pumps give permanent gains to its users over a long period of time.

Water pumps are a development from the traditional vacuum pumps. The vacuum pump was first invented a century ago by an Austrian. This was the first device that was available for purchase by men who believed that their penises were too tiny.

Otto Ledever’s invention became an eye opener to males who had an interest in making their manhood larger. The vacuum pump worked by temporarily sucking blood to the penis thereby increasing the girth of the penis on the spot. The vacuum pumps gave results that were dependable and fulfilling during those days even though their effect on the penis lasted for a shorter time.

The newly invented water pumps use the knowledge of the vacuum pumps on how they work. These devices are designed in a way that they have a vacuum that sips blood into the manhood. Setting up the device for use is really simple and is safer as compared to other methods such as surgery. There are natural hormones in a man’s body that are responsible for erection. One of the contents of these hormones is nitric oxide.

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This chemical is produced every time a male feels the urge to have sex. It then makes the blood to move towards the penis hence making it hard since the flaccid member receives the blood hence, making it erect. In the instances where an individual is not aroused sexually, the nitric oxide will not be produced and the elastic properties of the tissues and cells in the penis will not be realized.

The water pump is fixed so that the blood can constantly fill the cells such that their elasticity will increase even in the absence of nitric oxide. When this device is continuously used, the cells and penile tissues will expand. So, when the production of nitric oxide is triggered, there will be a bigger space in the cells for the blood to fill. Blood fills in the extra space created when the cells are expanding as a result of the suction force applied to them by the pump. The change in the length and girth can then be noticed on the penis.

When compared to the vacuum pumps, water pumps work better and guarantee comfort to the individual. For the results on the increase in length to be noticed, one needs to fix the water pump on his privates for a considerable duration. The device is easy to use and produces quite good gains as far as the thickness of the member is concerned. However, it is difficult to put them on for a longer period of time because of the force that it imparts on the manhood, unlike the penis extenders that can be worn for long hours in a day.

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