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Napoleon was a Frenchman who many believe is the source of short man syndrome, an explanation linking shorter men to being wild. Short man syndrome is also called Napoleon Complex named after Napoleon Bonaparte. This syndrome affects men who have a short stature like Napoleon and those believed to have a small manhood. This Frenchman suffered from both the short stature and the one-and-half inch penis making him troublesome and very aggressive hence the pseudo- science term, short man syndrome.

It has been said that people involved in politics who are generally short are very aggressive. As earlier stated, Napoleon was short, aggressive resulting from sensitivity on his height. Hearsay had it that this man had a tiny penis, an additional reason for his wild behavior. When he died, a doctor extracted his manhood as he was performing an autopsy and the rumors on the short man syndrome were proven to be true owing to the small size of his penis.

Napoleon was laid to rest minus his penis. The doctor who removed it kept it for a while after which a priest took it. A.S.W Rosenback, a person who used to sell books, bought the penis from the priest who had kept it for many years. Rosenback placed it in a museum in New York City for display before a urologist in the U.S.A bought it following an advertisement for sale. Eventually, Napoleon's son took it and was used in a program that tests the originality of the items belonging to famous people. The length of the penis was found to be one and a half inches only and was original.

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Napoleon’s manhood was too small and given that the extender increases the length up to two inches only, the extender could not have done so much for him. The size of a penis plays a crucial role in the emotional stability of a man. Although size does not guarantee a good performance, it is still a cause of worry and stresses men a big deal. One goes to an extent of questioning his masculinity and concerns whether he satisfies his partner due to the small size of his member.

When a person is stressed over the size of his smaller penis, anger and aggression crop up. This explains how the short man syndrome comes into being. Not all short men suffer from this condition. While others compensate for their short height through physical means, others focus on academics or success in trade. That is how psychological compensation typically works.

A man’s height is not connected to his penis size in that a short man having a small penis may show aggressiveness and a domineering behavior. However, this does not prove that there is a connection between the man’s height and the size of his manhood. The size issues can be corrected since the penis enhancement methods such as traction devices are readily available in the market and are known to increase the penile shaft until the desired size is attained. Therefore, the small man syndrome can be dealt with easily if it is caused by the size and shape of the penis.

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