Traction Devices Vs Penis Stretchers – What’s The Difference?

Given a wide range of male enhancement methods available all over the internet and over-the-counter, the quest of a bigger manhood business is getting more confusing. It is even harder for the people turning to the practice for the first time. Before one settles for a device, he is advised to know whether it is in a good condition to help him achieve the enlargement of his penis or if the device is just kinky.

Penis stretchers are devices that are manually adjusted by the user using screws and knobs on it to yield results by increasing the length and the girth of the penis. Stretchers give permanent results to the individuals who use it on a daily basis for about three minutes for an average of five hours a day. Although these results are permanent, the process of acquiring them is quite slow.

The length gained by users differs with a maximum of three inches recorded as a result of applying the principle of traction on the penis. Therefore, penis stretchers are also known as traction devices. The two terms mean the same thing. Traction is the continuous pull and pressure exerted on the tissues and cells that help them heal after stress caused by an injury or a traumatic experience.

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The knowledge of traction was used in some ancient communities in Asia and Africa. These communities used objects such as brass rings and heavy stones to widen and lengthen some of their body parts, for instance, the lips, neck and their genitals. The objects were made to hang on the part that was required to increase in shape and size such that the body part was pulled by the object suspended on it. Continuous use of these objects led to the achievement of the desired results.

In modernity, the science behind traction is used in penis stretchers. The devices have been clinically tested and proven to slowly but surely increase the size and the shape of the penile shaft. When the slight pull is applied on the penis, the microscopic tears form in the muscles. A mother cell will then separate to form the two identical daughter cells in scientific processes called mitosis and cytokinesis.

Continuous stretching will create spaces in the cells of the penis. The spaces will be filled with identical daughter cells created in the natural healing process involving cell division. Consistent stretch and healing through mitosis create new cells and tissues that occupy spaces created as a result of pulling. This process results in an increase in size as well as the girth, as targeted by the user.

The use of traction devices not only give the desired shape and size but also harder erections that last longer. During mitosis and cytokinesis, the blood vessels in the manhood expand due to stretching. The vessels in the corpora cavernosa will take in an increased amount of blood hence widening the thickness of the shaft of the penis as well ensuring that harder erections are achieved. As the self-esteem of an individual as a result of getting the targeted size increases, satisfaction is bound to be achieved by both partners.

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