Penis Traction – Not Only For Enlargement

Penis traction has gained enormous interest around the globe mainly because of the fact that it is safe, a non-surgical and non-painful method with guaranteed lasting penis growth. Penis traction works by the application of a steady stretch onto the penis shaft. This results in a process of cell division and multiplication, known as cytokinesis. With time, the process results in the growth of new tissues all through the penis, making it longer and thicker in a few months.

Penis traction devices are gentle but give constant traction to stretch the tissues of the penis. This, in turn, prompts the natural response of the body which causes the growth of more tissues to ease the tension generated by the device. Penile extenders were mainly adopted for lengthening the penis. But over time, studies have shown that penile traction could also be used to treat penis conditions.

One of the conditions includes the Peyronie’s disease (PD), which is also known as the bending or curving of the penis. Peyronie's disease is distinguished by the formation of a hardened scar tissue beneath the skin of the penis leading to curvature and pain during erection.

Once diagnosed with Peyronie's disease, it is recommended that penile traction therapy is prescribed. One is advised to use a device that allows him to freely manage the traction direction by exerting a stronger force to the side that portrays a curvature of the penis and this will in turn help in straightening up the penis.

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The patient is always advised to use the traction device and apply more tension regularly as this will greatly determine the success of the therapy. Your physician’s instructions should always be followed carefully. Do not exceed the recommended period. Also, apply the tension gradually to allow your penis tissues to adjust accordingly.

Another benefit of using the penile traction method is the cell multiplication (Hyperplasia). The constant tension due to the stretching encourages the physiological process of Hyperplasia. This is a process whereby tissue cells multiply due to the tensile stress applied by the devices. It occurs because the penis tissues attempt to better compensate for the additional tension applied. This results in the positive growth of the penis.

Also, it is worth noting that penile traction is the safest and most comfortable procedure; one that does not involve taking pills which may have side effects, and does not involve the ever risky surgical process. Traction devices have been designed to offer gentle pressure to the penis and are more comfortable to use.

A big penis guarantees one an impressive erection, and this is coupled with the new cell regeneration and multiplication. All these derived from non-surgical process mimic the natural growth. This process is permanent and the cells will be regenerated after you have detached the device from your penis.

Economically, penile traction is the least expensive method in comparison to surgery and the continuous purchase of pills. This is a one-off purchase of the penile traction device, and you are assured of the most effective results through the safest way possible!

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