Can A Penis Enlargement Device Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Known as one of the major sexual problems affecting many men today, erectile dysfunction can be very embarrassing to a man. Sex is a critical determinant of a healthy relationship and without a good sex for both partners, various cases of misunderstanding may begin to arise, which may adversely affect the prosperity of a relationship.

In a case where erectile dysfunction affects the quality of sex in a relationship, the female partner tends to feel more offended while the male partner tends to feel humiliated. All these forms of misunderstandings can be corrected by approaching the menace of erectile dysfunction wisely. A penis enlargement device is one of the commonly used approaches geared towards handling the issue of erectile dysfunction. The main question that arises is whether or not a penis enlargement device can actually treat erectile dysfunction.

A penis enlargement device manifests in various types including a penis extender device and a vacuum pump. These two devices work in different ways but are all aimed at increasing the size of the penis. Since erectile dysfunction is the inability of a man to achieve and sustain an erection, it becomes rather confusing to understand the role these devices can play. There is a clear distinction between the size of the penis and the ability to achieve an erection. You cannot make use of your enlarged penis when you are unable to erect.

A vacuum pump is the commonly used penis enlargement device in treating erectile dysfunction. It has the ability to inflate the penis through suction. It is usually used to increase the penis girth instantaneously. However, this instant increase in size is normally short-lived. The mechanism of operation of a vacuum pump is what makes it preferable for treating erectile dysfunction.

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When applied on the penis, a vacuum pump draws blood into the penile tissues hence filling the spongy penile chambers with blood. This results in an erection which allows partners to indulge in sexual intercourse. A cock ring can be incorporated during the procedure to help sustain the blood engorged inside the penis spongy tissue in order to maintain an erection. This helps treat erectile dysfunction.

When using a vacuum pump to treat erectile dysfunction, you need to know your specific weaknesses. For example, you may be capable of achieving an erection yet unable to sustain it. On the other hand, you may be unable to achieve an erection yet capable of sustaining it. Also, you may be incapable of achieving an erection as well as sustaining it.

Suppose you are capable of achieving an erection and unable to sustain it, you can use a cock ring to keep the blood engorged in your penis hence sustaining the erection. You can use a vacuum pump if you are having a problem with achieving an erection. Suppose you are capable of sustaining the erection, you will not need to use a cock ring. If you have a problem in achieving both an erection and sustaining it, then you will have to use both a vacuum pump and a cock ring.

Following the above discussion, it is clear that a penis extender device can help treat erectile dysfunction. The vacuum pump is the ideal device to use when looking to treat this issue.

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