The Long Track Record Of Penis Traction

Penis traction has been in use for the past many years. Even though what we know and see now about the process of penis traction seems not reasonable to be compared with the past, the truth is that penis traction existed several years ago but in various forms. What we see now is a modification of the traction process to cope up with the changing demands of men. Also, research and technology have played a significant role in giving rise to new sophisticated discoveries. In the course of new inventions, penis traction has always been of help to men.

An early mentioning of traction was revealed in the Egyptian documents that were uncovered by Edwin Smith, an archeologist, in 1862. These Egyptian documents showed that traction was applicable in different conditions including spinal fractures and back injuries. This occurred from around 3000 B.C. This shows that traction has been long existing and playing a greater role in the globe.

After the revelation from the Egyptian documents, Hippocrates, the pioneer of modern medicine, mentioned the use of traction for correcting spinal issues. Traction, however, did not attract much attention during that time until the 19th century when it became famous in the field of modern medicine.

It was in 1883 that a Russian physician named Osip Mochutkovsky published an article describing the treatment of spinal injuries through the use of suspension. Fifteen years later, more weight was magnified to the suspension technique leading to the introduction of a new version of traction. By 1934, traction was being applied in the treatment of neurological disorders, spinal injuries, neuropathy and circulatory conditions.

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In the middle of 1970s, traction started becoming more successful and the procedure was revived in new technology and new research. It could be applied in the treatment of limb and spinal injuries as a result of the intermittent traction. This recent procedure allowed the electronic sensors to discover stress exerted on the targeted region and alleviate the traction after the suitable stress level was attained.

The continued use of the principle of traction has seen the discovery of penis traction. This application relies more on the principle of the past traction applications to help achieve an increase in the size of the penis. Penis stretching encourages more blood flow to the penile tissues. The continued stretching with an increase in the supply of blood encourages the growth of the penis to lower the strain on the available muscles. The procedure is highly regarded because it is safe and pain-free.

Penis traction has evolved to be one of the most effective methods of increasing the penis size without compromising its health. It can be applied without incurring a lot of expenses as compared to other enlargement methods such as penis surgery and the use of penis pills.

Surgery is associated with a lot of risk and pain while the use of penis pills is associated with the frequent purchase of pills and in some cases, the side effects of using these pills. The long track record of penis traction is surely encouraging hence there is a need to appreciate the efforts of its pioneers.

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